FCD Reserves vs OKC Energy/Energy FC/Oklahoma City Thunder

I was once again out at the reserve game and wanted to share a few thoughts and share some things you didn't see on the stream:

Tough fouls: Man there were some hard challenges. I thought the ref did fairly well in the game. Moises definitely deserved the red from my vantage point. Raul and AJ also took a few hard challenges. This OKC team is scrappy to say the least. Can definitely see them being very competitive in USL-Pro.

PK saves: Man two PK saves in one game!?!? And they were completely the same. It was like seeing an instant replay of each. Low, hard shots followed up by quality saves. Impressive reactions by both keepers.

Cobi FRESH: Man this guy is really rounding into form. You can obviously see his fitness levels improving and his touch coming back. He was a constant threat down the wings. Can't wait to see him play more for OCSC. We'll see if he's in red or purple next Tuesday, but regardless the color, watch out!!

Nick (I head balls better than you) Walker: I said it last time, I'll say it again. Any player that goes for a header against Nicky, you're gonna lose. Athleticism off the charts with this guy. I was definitely excited to see the other Walker out there, but this Walker flashes some great plays and has easily become one of my favorite players. Consistency will now be key.

"MAGIC MIKE" NIELSEN: Jimmy Nielsen was one of the most entertaining aspects of this game. Took his jacket off and threw it, rolled up his sleeves, and was ready to throw down! The supporters that were there really enjoyed it and kept yelling for him to "take off his pants and jacket". He also never stayed in his box and I think he and the fourth official became BFFs. They were a bit touchy feely there at the end. I'm just saying.

Side Notes:
Great to see captain AJ back in play. I liked what I saw from Tesho. Hollingshead was quite dangerous and impressive attacking down the right wing from fullback. Ulloa didn't have his best game. Danny Garcia is definitely making his case for some first team minutes.

*Also a special shout out to the crowd of kids in attendance that were chanting and cheering. Nice to know there is an upcoming generation of FCD supporters.*