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Rankings Recap: FC Dallas Stumbles At Home To Seattle

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FC Dallas falls a few spots after first loss of the season.

Cooper Neill

Still at the top of the table, but no longer undefeated or atop the power rankings after the 3-2 loss to Seattle. FC Dallas will now set their sights on star studded Toronto FC. Will FCD start to tumble or are they in it for the long haul? We will soon find out.

Are these rankings right about FCD? Where do you think the Hoops belong? Which team surprised you?

Rank: 2 (Last week: 1)

Comment: That got ugly quick. Dallas couldn't answer Seattle's intensity in the second half, and were forced to repeatedly scramble in defense. They didn't look like the home team.


Rank: 4 (Last week: 1)

Comment: FCD's attack covered up the team's makeshift defense in the season's opening weeks. But against Seattle, Clint Dempsey & Co. tore Dallas apart to hand FCD its first loss of the campaign.

Sports Illustrated: Planet Futbol

Rank: 4 (Last week: 2)

Comment: After Dallas began with four corner kicks in the first five minutes on Saturday, Seattle gifted the home team a goal. Despite the early pressure, Dallas couldn't hold on, twice relinquishing one-goal leads on the way to a 3-2 loss.


Rank: 7 (Last week: 6)

Comment: Throughout Saturday’s first half, Dallas looked set to disprove all of my doubts. Then the teams switched sides, Dallas had to play into the win, and the team lost its first game of the season. Along the way, however, they gave one of the most talented teams in the league all it could handle. If it wasn’t for Seattle being so impressive, Dallas wouldn’t have fallen at all.

Dallas Morning News

Rank: 6 (Last week: 3)

Comment: Some of Dallas’ drop is expected, but just like we didn’t over-react to Dallas’ win in Houston, we don’t think one loss to a red-hot Clint Dempsey (and make no mistake, that was the difference between a Dallas win and a Seattle win) means they are anything other than a very good but imperfect team. This was the first time, though, that we saw a possible hole in the depth of this roster. With some ineffective wing play and injuries to the rest of the midfield depth, and the replacement options were few and far between.