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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders FC: Game Grades

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This first loss always stings but there were positive performances to be taken away from this match.

Cooper Neill

Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 6

With 3 goals out of 6 shots on goal the numbers don't look good at first for Seitz but I really feel that you can't fault him for two of the goals. Dempsey's first goal was, for lack of a better term, brilliant and not even Gigi Buffon in his prime could have done anything about that shot. The own goal? Well it happens. With four saves, including a Save of the Week nomination, it really was a pretty solid match from #18. It will be interesting to see if he gets the start this weekend against TFC.

Jair Benitez - 5

Not good, not bad aka The Story of Jair Benitez in 2014. I don't want to beat this point to death but Jair clearly has lost a step. While still good in the attack his defending capabilities have severally diminished this season. Will this be the weekend that Moises or Zach Loyd get a run out at LB?

Matt Hedges - 6.5

While his 76.5% passing wasn't his best all year, his defensive work was impressive. Hedges has really come into his own this season. His trust in Keel continues to grow and was evident in his runs through the middle with the ball at his feet. It allowed guys like Michel and Castillo to push forward in the attack and gave the Seattle midfield something to worry about all game.

Stephen Keel - 5.5

Tough break for the veteran on Saturday night with the own goal but as any CB will tell you, these things happen to good defenders. What I like about Keel is his ability to be nuisance both in defense and on attacking set pieces. The guy has more heart than just about anyone on the field and you have to think that he'll rebound from the OG just fine.

Zach Loyd - 6

A good full 90 from Zach Loyd again this week. He didn't play a huge role in this game but certainly wasn't a detriment on the field. There will be more questions about whether he or Kellyn should starting at RB but having too many talented players in a certain position isn't a bad problem to have.

Hendry Thomas - 6.5

What a difference Thomas has made on this squad. He's clearly the muscle in the middle that FC Dallas have been missing for a few years. As Drew pointed out in an earlier recap Thomas was incredibly effective in shutting Dempsey down for the most part. Only when Cooper came off and Deuce moved up higher on the pitch, past Thomas, was Clint truly effective. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a Thomas/Moffat midfield on Saturday.

Michel - 5

Another roller coaster of a game for the Brazilian. It's so frustrating to watch him make a great stop and then a minute later cough up a really silly ball that leads to a quality chance for the opposition. His specialty spot kicks also lacked all night but that could have easily been the wind that hampered him. I'm giving him a full point for the PK but had to deduct half of that point for the celebration.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 4

For all of the success he's had this season this was not his game. Gonzalez and Traore were very successful in shutting down the man with the hot foot. I don't feel though that this performance should worry FC Dallas fans. Everyone has a bad game now and then.

Mauro Diaz - 6

Not Mauro's best game of the season but not a bad performance by any means. I don't know how many times I can write on here that his work rate is ridiculous without it sounding old but.......the guys work rate is ridiculous. How a player that small covers as much ground as he does is beyond me. Let's just hope he can stay healthy with all of the rough tackles he takes every game.

Fabian Castillo - 6

I want to give Castillo a higher grade. Really I do. With so many quality looks, and great movement in the box, on Saturday there is no reason that Fabian shouldn't have had AT LEAST one goal. While he looked better than the old "run to the endline and throw the ball at the goal" player we've seen in the past he still needs to step it up on his finishing. I have a feeling that FCD's success will be tied to Castillo this season. I will say that it was fun to watch him school Yedlin all night.

David Texeira - 7

Great showing from the young Uruguayan. People can talk about his goal being a fluke all they want but if Tex doesn't stay with that play all the way into the keeper he doesn't score. Something I've noticed, and something that Jason Poon makes a better point about than I ever could, is how Tex gets involved in an indirect way on a lot of FC Dallas goals. Go read Jason's great article. I've been saying that I thought that he only needed one goal to wake up the monster inside. Let's hope that, for once, I'm right.

Oscar Pareja - 4

I'll put Oscar's own words here to make the point: "I'm going to be quite honest. I could have helped them more in the second half. My boys did a great job on trying to get out of those difficult spots. Really, it comes down to me. I didn't (perform) as well as they did, and that's the bottom line." Yeah pretty much.

Off The Bench

Peter Luccin -4

It only took 9 minutes for Luccin to get on the field and then make an exit due to an injury, and in that nine minutes I completely forgot he was even on the field. I've liked what (little) we've seen from Luccin but with so much talent at dmid you have to think that it may be time to move past a 35 yr old player with major injury issues. I do still hope he moves into coaching here at FC Dallas.

Adam Moffat - 6

Was solid for the small time that we got to see him. It appears his hamstring has healed up and I would expect him to make the start against Toronto.

Tesho Akindele - NA

I was thrilled to see this young man get a few minutes on the pitch. While he didn't have much time to make a big impact he did have a great steal in the final third that looked promising. I do hope that we get to see more of Tesho soon. He's definitely a player I have high hopes for.