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Big D Daily: News for Monday, April 14, 2014

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Time to get over the first loss of the season.

Aaron Davidson

The Monday after the first loss of the year is always a weird one but we'll do our best to get through it in a normal fashion. Here are some links to get the week started off with.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja, FCD sees positives in loss |

I will say this (and I may touch on it later too), but this group just feels different in so many good ways compared to last year. Like Pareja said, they were upset in how they played after a win, so you gotta think they'll bounce back nicely after this one.

Pareja takes the blame for the loss |

I will say this too, I love the attitude that Pareja brings to this group.

FCD Academy drops first Dallas Cup match to Fulham |

Hard to beat an academy team that has a player who has recently played in the EPL.

The Final Word | FCDTV

Nice recap video here from the loss.

// MLS //

Late runs and early MVP discussion |

Plenty of good discussion points out of this one.

Week 6 recap | Fox Soccer

Here is a nice breakdown and recap of all the scores from this past weekend.

MLS Commissioner diagnosed with prostate cancer | Fox Soccer

Thankfully Garber should have a full and fairly speedy recovery here since it was caught early.

Generation adidas Cup kicks off today |

Crazy to think about the amount of youth soccer going on here in town this week.

Players must work closely to close the salary divide |

One of the leftovers from last week. Still worth a read for those salary folks out there.