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Key Moments: A Tale of Two halves vs the Sounders

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A warm night in Frisco as FCD hosts Seattle in a key matchup that could have playoff implications down the road. Both teams coming off 4 goal games looking to keep the offense firing and secure 3 important points, but a tale of two halves leaves one team asking questions.

Cooper Neill

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Highlights from the match.

Quick note on the lineup:

Blas Perez left off the 18 man roster due to a small hamstring injury; David Texeira gets his second straight start.


FC Dallas come out guns-a-blazing in the opening 15 minutes with 4 corners kicks in the first 5 minutes but failed to convert any of them.

They did however get on the board early when Stefan Frei made a huge mistake in the back by misjudging the ball on a very windy night at Toyota Stadium and Texeira headed into an open goal after the ball sailed over Stefan Frei. Easy 1-0 lead for Dallas 11 minutes in.

Lamar Neagle puts in a challenge after the whistle that earns him a yellow; more on this later.


Clint Dempsey left any doubters eating their words when he nailed a free-kick from 35 yards out into the top right corner of the post and it bounced into the goal. Incredible free kick that left Chris Seitz diving into no-man's land. 1-1 in the 22'

27th minute and Lamar Neagle should have seen a second yellow based on previous calls. Je-Vaughn Watson got a yellow for the SAME tackle, yet not card is shown. Should be 11v10.

In the past 10 minutes or so the game started to open up, but Dallas was still the more dominant of the two. Better decision making in the attacking third and FCD could have seen themselves with 3 goals.


FCD presses the Seattle Sounders hard but to no avail in the first 10 minutes of this segment.

Texeira definitely earns man of the half honors as he earns a PK in the 40th minute which Michel converts with ease. That goal celebration? Not so pretty. Michel really seems to be enjoying his time in Dallas and has easily repaid the fans for their support in this early season.

Oscar Pareja had the squad play smart for the remaining 5 minutes of the half as the team went on the safe side and closed out the half in great form.

Quick Halftime Summary:

Great display from Dallas so far. The Hoops could easily be three up if not for some unlucky bounces and an insane Dempsey free kick. There's no way we could come out in the second half in a negative manner after this style of play.... Or is there.


It was a positive opening for FCD as they came out looking great! ...for two minutes... Then it was all Seattle.

59th minute and Deuce hits a cracker of a shot from distance and it cannons off the crossbar. Seitz may have had it covered, but wow; incredible shot from the Sounders and USMNT captain.

Just a few seconds later Seattle gets another chance with some bounces and flicks in the box and luckily it ends up heading straight into Seitz's chest for an easy save.


Seattle are not letting us out of our half of the field as they are just shredding our midfield and have had several shots in the first few minutes of this segment.

Kenny Cooper leaves the field in the 68th minute after a fairly stale match.

Fabian Castillo finally broke through the Seattle midfield - and defense- but had a shot that had fans in Toyota Stadium off their seats, only to later realize it had gone side-netting for a goal kick.

70th minute and Peter Luccin enters the match for Watson and the meltdown begins.

Clint Dempsey hits another one in the 75th minute that doesn't go on target, but bounces off of Stephen Keel's shinguard and somehow falls into the FCD goal. Extremely unlucky as a harmless shot turns the game on its head.


78th minute and Luccin leaves the field after just 8 minutes and you must think it's about time to call it quits. I hate to say it and I hope he stays with the organization, but there just seems to be more physicality in the game than his body can take. I hope he is fine.

A ridiculous reaction save from Frei really saved the match for Seattle in the 83rd minute as Texeira hit a snapshot to the left side of the goal, but Frei throws a hand up that somehow makes solid contact.

Beautiful team play from Seattle as an eight pass sequence that touched seven different Seattle players ends in Clint Dempsey goal and locks the game up for what has been coming in the second half - a Seattle win. Just four minutes for a comeback for FCD.

88th minute and Tesho Akindele makes his MLS debut as Pareja tries to put an extra attacker on the field and push for a late goal.

Castillo slots Mauro Diaz into the box 1v1 with Frei, but somehow fails to do anything with the ball. You have to think that in any other match this season that ball ends up in the back of the goal.

That was the last chance for Dallas as whistle goes and Seattle ends the match on top 3-2 giving Dallas their first loss of the season.

Quick Match Recap:

We started the match flying, but somehow completely fell apart in the second half. Giving up the lead twice in the match it was always going to be tough to stay on top. You can't sit back and defend for 45 minutes against the league's best offense from the run of play and not expect to concede goals; I think Pareja made several mistakes in this match, subs and tactics, and the team felt it.

Notes on the Match:

Well, MLS, welcome to the Clint Dempsey show.

You can't sit back and expect to hold a 1 goal lead against a good offense for 45 minutes.

SHOOT THE BALL CASTILLO!!!! You take way too long on the ball! Just do something with it before you lose it!

Thomas needs a defensive partner in there with him against stronger teams. Michel had a great first half, but was heavily exposed in the second frame making several mistakes on the ball and off the ball.

Watson will be inconsistent, that is just the type of player he is.

It seems that Pareja doesn't have much trust in Garcia or Akindele as he was hesitant to put either in on Saturday. I thought they both should have seen the field at 2-2, but Akindele was only put in when the game fell 3-2 and there were no subs left for Garcia to enter the match.

Questions this Match Created:

How good is FCD compared to the rest of the league?

How bad do we need John?

Has Castillo really changed, or are the old habits here to stay?