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View From the East Stand: All Good Things...

Perfect weather with a great crowd last night out in force and voice.

Cooper Neill

A nice crowd was out Saturday night, with an unfortunately high amount of fans wearing green sprinkled throughout the stands especially some vocal ones here in the East stands. Seattle arrived to test our perfect home record with a strong roster ready to take home some points.

Typical First Half?

The first half looked like the usual battle for control that we usually see with both sides trying to keep possession and formulate an attack going forward. Then a bit of good fortune as the ball looped over the keeper and David Texeira got his head on it. The wind can be unfortunate to teams that play here in Frisco and this was definitely one of those windy days.

Fortunately, the early goal really opened things up in the match as Dallas started attacking like mad men down the flanks. Fabian Castillo was testing DeAndre Yedlin almost every play it seemed like, and the play was flowing down the left flank in front of the East stand.

We've gotten used to seeing this as Jair Benitez pushes up to put pressure on that left flank along with Castillo and Mauro all getting in on the close-up love coming from the East stand fans.

Unfortunately a Clint Dempsey free-kick went in against the run of play, I'm not sure who to give the blame to here, but that night I placed the blame on luck more than anything. Still haven't watched the replay of it to be honest. A penalty brought FC Dallas into the lead again but at halftime I couldn't help but think: "Are we too predictable already?" "Those 2 goals were pretty fortuitous..." But up 2-1 at halftime was a typical halftime score for FC Dallas this season at home.

This Ref, and That 2nd Half

This whole game was ridiculously ref'd and most of the East stand shared my displeasure with almost every call and non-call. The first half was a yellow card frenzy and then the 2nd half had some challenges definitely deserving of the yellows he was so freely giving out in the first half. The game was insanely choppy and had almost no rhythm to it. Almost a painful game to watch in some ways and fouls were racking up for either side and the crowd around me was getting restless as was I.

Then the 2nd half played out like it did. Both sides going for it, FC Dallas conjuring up some fantastic moves to get in front of goal and excellent play from our midfield. But it was Dempsey who unfortunately made the difference in the game, adding to his goal with a forced own goal that Stephen Keel really could not have done anything about, and an easy tap-in after a give and go. Both of those goals came from the left side of the FCD defense, I'm not point fingers at Benitez, but I'm definitely pointing the finger at the guy on the field wearing the red #5 jersey.

Thoughts on this depressing game? Anyone else up in arms about the referee in this match? Are we getting too predictable with the left flank maneuvers?