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FC Dallas Injury Update: Nearly at full health

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Just two names remain on the injury report this week.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

If I were Oscar Pareja, I would be a pretty happy guy when I look at this current FC Dallas team. Not only are they playing well but for the first time this season, they are all nearly healthy. His depth is finally available to him to use the way he wants and has likely never had as a head coach.

Questionable: Andres Escobar (lower back), George John (right knee)

Like I mentioned, just two players to discuss on the injury report today. John is said to still be on track to return soon but I would estimate another couple weeks just based on what Pareja has been saying lately and how John looks. Escobar on the other hand should be closer to returning to the team by the end of the month.

There is more good news here on the injury front. According to Steve Hunt over at Soccerly, both Adam Moffat and Andrew Jacobson could be available for this weekend's game. From talking to folks around the team, it looks like Moffat is the closet to returning and starting out of the two but we could very well see both on the bench this weekend.

One thing to keep in mind, the club has two Reserve League games on the horizon, one next week with Oklahoma City and one the following week with Orlando City. This means we should see our first glimpses of guys like Walker Zimmerman and maybe even Escobar if he is indeed as close as Pareja claims he is.