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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Dallas Cup and Seattle are right around the corner.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday's announcement of Kellyn Acosta being named to the US U-20 team for the Dallas Cup, I realized just how much that tournament snuck up on me this year. Crazy.

// FC Dallas //

Acosta named to Dallas Cup roster |

I would expect a ton more on the tournament next week on here and at the club's website.

Looking back on the 2013 series with Seattle |

We'll have a similar look back but at the entire series with Seattle later today.

Hollingshead put charity before soccer career | Dallas Morning News

A pretty good look at Ryan Hollingshead and where he is at this point in his career.

More on Perez's rest last week | Dallas Soccer News

Pareja has to keep the big guy healthy for the long-haul.

// MLS //

DC and Johnson lack a Rosales type in the midfield |

I can't say I disagree with this on Eddie Johnson, but then again he still has some work to do himself to get back to his 2013 form.

The Blame Game | Stumptown Footy

The Timbers are winless in 2014, so who is to blame?

Diamond midfield in the works for LA | LAG Confidential

I still believe this Galaxy squad is possibly the most dangerous they've been in the last couple years.

Minnesota a frontrunner for MLS Expansion |

Some really interesting expansion nuggets in this article from Atlanta, Minnesota to potential conference realignment that we should hear more about later this summer.

Miami stadium hitting roadblocks | SBI

More and more it looks like Miami won't be a 2017 team like some had thought, but more like a 2018 or even a 2019 team due to stadium issues.

MLS viewership up 94% on NBCSN | Soccer America

And we're moving back to Fox why?

// World Cup //

I Believe ad | YouTube

Boy, ESPN is hitting it out of the park with these World Cup promos.