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Big D Soccer Man of the match: Victor Ulloa

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The young Homegrown held his own against a very tough Timbers midfield.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So, undefeated. Ten points. Top of the table.

However you put it, this team is playing very well.

There are a number of factors that are contributing to the hot start, from solid, if not unexpected, goalkeeping, to fantastic midfield attacking play (I'm looking at you, Mauro.) For as well as the team as a whole has played, a major question coming into this year was the HGPs and young players in general. We wondered how they'd step up should their names be called.

Saturday night, Victor Ulloa's name was called. And Mr. Ulloa delivered.

Because of that, he get's my nod for Man of the Match.

While he might not have scored or made a defining play, when you take into account the situation and the way he performed, it's not a choice I'll lose sleep over.

I assume going into the game, Pareja told the 22 year-old Wylie native to just move the ball around, and let Mauro do what he does. Looking at his performance, Ulloa played an incredibly effective game. He completed 90% of his passes (45/50) while staying in the central midfield, never getting carried away by pushing up too far.

Defensively, he is no Hendry Thomas, but, no one is asking him to be. That being said, he did a fine job of filling in for the gritty defensemen. He racked up three tackles and clearances, all against one of the best midfield corps in the league.

For young players that are thrust into the big time, often the key is to just maintain and not make a game-changing mistake. All night, we saw Victor distribute the ball to his number 10, and that's what played a crucial role in his quality performance.

For the team, the wings are the key. When FCD goes wide, they tend to score. When Ulloa wasn't getting the ball to Diaz, he was getting it out to JeVaughn or Fabian, giving them plenty of space to work in and giving Porter-landia (not my own work) fits defensively.

All in all, the young HGP had a profound effect on Saturday night's three points, and I look forward to seeing him again, possibly in a crucial Texas Derby this weekend.

What're your thoughts? Who was your MOTM? Comment and vote below. DTID!