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Big D Daily: News for Friday March 7, 2014

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The eve of the new season is here!

Tom Pennington

We're nearing the 24 hour mark until the start of the new season. Last night the new kits were unveiled and our new captain was named (congrats Andrew Jacobson!).

To help out with all the excitement here are some morning links to enjoy.

// FC Dallas //

Red for 90 |

Here are some more facts on the new home kit.

24 Hour Tailgate | Dallas Beer Guardians

Need something to do tonight...and in the morning....and all day tomorrow? Look no further than the annual 24-hour tailgate.

Perez focused on a breakout season |

No national team duties to deal with in 2014 for Blas Perez, hopefully that means a healthy run with lots of goals for FCD.

Jacobson earns the captain title | Dallas Soccer News

As much as I wanted it to be George John, I'm fine with AJ being the captain.

// MLS //

Toronto unveils new road kits |

I have to admit, this may be one of my new favorites.

Interview with Phil Schoen |

The beIN Sports broadcaster sits down with Jeff Bradley for a little interview. Good stuff here, Phil is one of my favorites in the game.

Season premiere of MLS Insider |

KickTV has the first episode of this great show, and it is all about last year's MLS Cup shootout.

Eddie Johnson inks deal, Mike Magee close to a DP deal |

These guys are getting paid. Good for them.

Five records set to fall in 2014 |

Sadly enough one of those is Kevin Hartmans' shutout record.

An alternate view of the 2014 season | Pro Soccer Talk

A pretty good read here, nothing like poking fun at things that could happen. I'll laugh if that one about Chivas turns out true.

MLS equals MLB in recent poll |

I'll continue to say it, MLS will soon pass baseball in American's minds as one of the top sports. I'm dead serious about that.

// USMNT //

Send-off series announced |

Some very interesting games for the US team.

// MISC //

A study on all of Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriends |

Yes, by this we're talking about the show Seinfeld. Sorry if you don't like the show, I'm always intrigued by anything that is written up about it.

And finally we take our stadium tour to France with the Allianz Riviera.



What did you make of the news about Jacobson? Are you ready for tomorrow? Lets discuss that and more here in today's thread.