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FC Dallas 2014 Season Preview: Reason To Be Optimistic

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There is also plenty of excitement going into the new season.

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Previously we discussed some not-so-great things that we should be worried about with regards to the new season. But like I mentioned in that article, I'm not normally a glass half-empty type of person. By now, most of you know I am optimistic so I'm looking at this new season for FC Dallas in that manner.

Here are some reasons to be optimistic going into this new season.

Oscar Pareja

This may be the biggest reason to be excited about this new season. Gone is the hold guard of Schellas Hyndman and in is the new style of things under Pareja. We know based on his brief vacation in Colorado that the guy knows how to work with younger players and get the absolute most out of them.

Youth movement

To feed off that last item, the other big change going into this season is the youth movement that has gone on. FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo has brought in a slew of younger players like Designated Player David Texeira and Andres Escobar. Throw in the fact that FCD will get an eligible Danny Garcia, rookie Tesho Akindele, along with guys like Brian 'Cobi' Span and Ryan Hollingshead give me plenty of reasons to be excited about where things are headed with this club.

Strong veteran midfield

While the youth movement in the attack is one thing, the club made some smart moves to make sure the center of the midfield had some grit to it once again. Landing guys like Adam Moffat and Hendry Thomas finally give the midfield the bite that has been lacking for the last few years.

Additions by subtractions

As much as we liked what David Ferreira brought to this roster, losing him this offseason really wasn't that big of a blow as some might make it out to be. The same goes for Jackson and even a guy like Ramon Nunez. Losing them is tough but the team is better off without them. Not to mention the fact that guys like Moffat and Thomas won't allow players to walk around on the pitch like we saw under the leadership of Ferreira. That kind of crap just won't happen this year.

Dan freakin' Hunt

I love his guy and I know many of you do as well. He is truly an owner that we're happy with and a guy that fans can rally around. He's proven this offseason that he and his family are willing to spend the money needed to make this club a winner.

Fan favorites haven't gone away

I'm sure many of you love some George John. I'm sure there is a large contingent of you that love some Blas Perez too. I know the ladies around here love them some Zach Loyd. The thing is these guys aren't going away anytime soon and in the case of Loyd, he even re-signed with the club this season. That kind of thing is good from a chemistry point to a marketing side of things as well.

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