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Big D Daily: News for Thursday March 6, 2014

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We're getting closer and closer to the season opener.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The season is getting closer as we're only a couple days away now from the season opener for FC Dallas against Montreal. If you don't have tickets by now, you need to get them ASAP!

Here are some links to get your Thursday morning started off right.

// FC Dallas //

Hartman talks FCD and his new role |

I can't tell you how personally excited I am to have Hartman back in Dallas. I'm really excited to see how he does in the commentary booth.

Cocktails and Cleats is tonight! |

The new jersey will be unveiled, the captain will be announced and so much more!

Big Read Head Preview |

FCD will win a playoff game before the Cowboys will...bold. Very bold.

Acosta hopes to build off strong start | Dallas Soccer News

I'm hoping for a big year for this kid. With Oscar coaching him, it should be very doable for him to continue to grow as a player.

Is FCD ready for Saturday? | Soccerly

Tough questions to ask here but after last Saturday it is one that you have to ask.

Watson and Jamaica down St. Lucia | Jamaica Football

Watson made the start as Jamaica won 5-0.

// MLS //

Robbie Keane signs new deal | Fox Soccer

Like him or not, he is turning out to be one of the best MLS players of all time.

// USMNT //

Failed auditions for several US players |

Boy yesterday was rough, wasn't it?

// MISC //

Jerry's Place |

Every Seinfeld nut will appreciate this.

And finally our stadium tour today takes us to Japan with Oita Bank Dome



Are you going to Cocktails and Cleats tonight? Feel free to use this thread for your daily discussion.

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