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Big D Daily: News for Monday March 3, 2014

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Less than a week to go now!

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it is icy out in Dallas (again), I can almost smell the weekend ahead. Beer, soccer, all the good stuff returning to our lives.

But until then, it is Monday morning so it is time for some daily links to get the week started off right.

// FC Dallas //

FCD hopes and fears in 2014 | Soccerly

That one fear is still a big one. A lot can go right and a lot can certainly go wrong in 2014.

FCD Players to watch in 2014 | Soccerly

As you'd expect, all the usual suspects talked about here.

Scarf of the month |

This is a pretty sweet idea from the FCD folks. A new scarf, every month.

FIFA tournament tonight for FCD Week |

The Staggering Irishman will be the place to be tonight between 7 and 10. Even if you didn't get to register to play some FIFA.

Whatever happened to Brandon Pollard |

A nice interview with one of the Burn greats.

Thomas ready to bring bite |

I keep saying it but Thomas may be one of the most important players on this roster now.

What is the story with Victor Ulloa? | Dallas Morning News

I read the headline just like Jerry Seinfeld would. All kidding aside, the Ulloa story of this preseason is certainly an interesting one to take in. Papi effect for sure.

// MLS //

Top 20 goal scorers in MLS |

Hey oh, Blas Perez cracked this list. Cool, I guess.

Financial stability is a selling point for MLS | Fox Soccer

Crazy to think that the whole Camilio situation has now turned into a bit of a funny karma thing.

Just name Pablo coach already | Burgundy Wave

Less than a full week until the start of the regular season and the Rapids still haven't named a new head coach.

Discussing all the leaked MLS jerseys | Black and Red United

I never thought of our leaked kit in this way...I still can't wait to see it live this week though.

// USMNT //

New US Kit is released | Nike

I can't wait to go golfing with this new kit.

// MISC //

Ellen breaks Twitter re-tweet record | Twitter

2.5 MILLION retweets. Damn. So many things going on in this picture too from Kevin Spacey's face, to Jared Letos eye. Then there is Jennifer Lawrence...yeah I'll stop.

Okay, and our stadium tour today takes us to Scotland here is Celtic Park



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