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FC Dallas vs Chivas USA: Game Grades

Three goals for FCD were enough to take 3 points from Chivas USA on Saturday.

Let's take a look at how individual players stacked up.

Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 5.5

Another solid outing for Seitz on the night. With 4 saves and 7 total stops on the night he again showed why Oscar Pareja is going to have a tough decision to make when Raul Fernandez is 100% healthy. Sitting a keeper that's in good form can be a dangerous gamble. Could have done better on the goal conceded (as could a few other players) but did a good job picking and choosing when to come out of his net.

Kellyn Acosta - 6.5

By far his best performance of the year. Did a fantastic job in defense and was quick to recover all night. Didn't contribute a ton in the attack but did a great job in distribution (37/45 passing) and conceded no fouls over the full 90. Oscar put faith in Acosta by giving him the full 90 and Kellyn rewarded his new head coach with a solid performance.

Stephen Keel - 6

Keel made the right side of the FC Dallas half of the pitch his island. This makes 2 solid performances in a row for the veteran center-back in place of the injured George John. Keel was both quick and aggressive on the ball and really showed his worth to this club. With 28/37 passes and 2 fouls won in the box, FC Dallas isn't missing GJ all that much at the moment.

Matt Hedges - 5.5

While not as flashy of a performance from the first time captain as his past couple of games it was still a solid outing for Hedges. His passing out of the back was crisp and clean almost all night. His only real mistake was letting Eric Torres beat him to the near post on Chivas' only goal of the match. If not for that mistake he could easily have been rated a point higher.

Jair Benitez - 5.5

The best performance of the year so far from the veteran Colombian. While still not at the level he was last year, Benitez was quick and decisive during this match. He also benefited from the fact that Chivas seemed to want to run up the FCD right side instead of at Jair all night. Improvement game to game is what you want to see out of players and Crazy Eyes sure showed that on Saturday.

Hendry Thomas - 6

If not for the red card Thomas could have made an argument for MotM. Performances like Saturday's, save for the red card of course, are why FCD brought him in. He bossed around anyone who dared come through the middle of the field and his passing distribution (50/60) was exactly what you want out of a DMid enforcer type. We all knew he would get a red card or two this season it's just incredibly unfortunate that he had to get one after both Moffat and Jacobson went off injured.

Adam Moffat - NA

With the unfortunate hamstring injury only 10 minutes into Saturday's game we didn't get to see much of Moffat, though what we did see was quality. I was really looking forward to seeing what Moffat and Hendry Thomas could do together in the midfield but sadly it will be away at Houston before this is even a possibility.

Fabian Castillo - 7

The young Colombian continues to impress week in and week out. While his passing in the final third could have been better, his excellent placement on his goal more than made up for it. Now if we could just get him to stop running at the endline with the ball...

Mauro Diaz - 8

What can I say about Diaz that hasn't been said already? The man is a work horse through the middle of the field and draws players just like a great number 10 should. Whether it's a set piece or through the run of play Diaz is always dangerous. And that long ball assist on the Watson The best part of the young Argentine? I don't even think he's anywhere close to how good he can be.

Je Vaugh Watson - 8

For me Watson was the Man of the Match. If you are one of the people who hate Watson, I'm sorry, but you no longer have a leg to stand on after this match. His work rate was off the charts. The guy never stopped running the entire time and wasn't afraid to get forward as well as drop back and help out Acosta when needed. At every point in the match Watson was trying to be involved and could have had more than his one goal with a little better finishing. Watson has 3 goals now for FC Dallas in MLS play and (I believe) all three have been game winners. It's going to be tough for any of the other right side wingers this club has to unseat Watson from the starting XI if he keeps this up.

Blas Perez - 6

Blas has to start getting himself in better positions in the final third. More than once Perez was out of position while Castillo was in the middle of the pitch. Don't know if the blame goes to Blas or to Castillo but that needs to get cleaned up. We all know the big Panamanian can score buckets of goals and we're all ready to start seeing them. That said his tireless work on both sides of the ball is impressive. he was one pass from Diaz away from getting on the board. His attempts in the air were solid all game and the best thing about Blas is that he's the type of player you don't have to worry about. Blas is all business and it shows.

Oscar Pareja - 7

While his choice of subs were forced a little with injuries the new FC Dallas coach had another successful game at the helm of his new (old) club. I appreciate that he wasn't afraid to start Moffat and Thomas in the midfield. What ever Pareja is doing to get the most from his players it seems to be working. Seven points from three games? Can't be mad at that.

Off The Bench

Andrew Jacobson - 6

While his service into the box could have been better, it was another overall solid performance for the FCD veteran. While being forced to the bench after serving as captain for 2 games couldn't have been easy, AJ came onto the field with a fury. Maybe sitting down for the start of the match has lit a fire in him that will continue to grow.

David Texeira - 5

While the Uruguayan still has a ways to go before he could unseat Blas as the lone striker I truly believe that once he gets his first MLS goal other teams should watch out. We've seen flashes of what we all hope he can become and credit must be given to him as he, yet again, drew a foul that lead to goal from a set piece. He should really excite all FC Dallas fans.

Michel - 7

Another late sub and another brilliant set piece. Even if he only plays 10-15 minutes at the end of games he's the type of player that all teams have to plan for. What more can you ask?