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Where Are They Now?

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A look at where some former FC Dallas players are these days.

During our recent busy offseason, FC Dallas made a ton of changes, chief among them, a new coach in Oscar Pareja.

But we also shipped out and released some players.

So here, early in the season, let's ask that age old question... where are they now?

David Ferreira

After being released by FCD, David signed with Colombian club, Santa Fe. As you can see from the clip above, the former MLS MVP is slotting in at his usual position for the historic Colombian squad, although from Wikipedia, it's unclear how many appearances he has made yet. The assist above was from a Copa Libertadores match. Someday, I'd love to see him return north as an assistant coach, but it appears he still has a bit left in the tank.

Kenny Cooper

I still regret this trade, although the economics of it have been beaten to a pulp. It probably was the better decision, unless Kenny was willing to negotiate a more workable contract for the long term. In the end, FCD sent Cooper and some funbux (allocation money) to Seattle for Adam Moffat.

A week ago, it was still a sort of a wash of a trade. Cooper has been active and working hard, but not necessarily a difference maker for the Sounders. This past weekend, that changed. Moffat ended up leaving the Chivas game early with a hamstring after earning his second straight start, and the next day, Cooper, in a strong performance against Montreal, sent in a gorgeous cross for a hungry Obafemi Martins. Injuries come and go, and we should see more of Moffat. In the meanwhile, Kenny looks to be working back to some of his dangerous form that we saw in New York (and at times at FCD). You can never fault the guy for working his butt off, and dare I say, he looks a little leaner and a step quicker than last year

I'm going to be watching to see how Cooper's season plays out, as it will say a lot about the ultimate value of the Moffat-Cooper deal.


The other departure from Frisco was one of the most exhilarating and frustrating players ever known to MLS, Jackson Goncalves. Traded to Toronto for a conditional 2nd round pick and some allocation money, some fans wondered if this might be a move that comes back to haunt us. Jackson was absolutely difficult to watch at times, but then he was also a catalyst and potent weapon. Ultimately, it was the on the field meltdowns that signaled a time for change.

And guess what? Jackson hasn't changed. Despite being given the chance to make a real name for himself playing alongside some serious world class talent in Jermain Defoe, Michael Bradley, Julio Cesar, and Gilberto, Jackson, as Simon Borg points out, is pulling his same old crap. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief, FCD fans, because we don't have to defend or put up with that sh*t anymore.

One More: Dax!

Yes, Dax McCarty, we still miss you. Nice goal there, buddy. Any chance we could loan you back this way for a few weeks? Pretty please?