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BDS Man of the Match: Mauro Diaz

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The young Argentine was sensational against Chivas USA.

For a few weeks now, it's been noted that Mauro Diaz has been the key player we all hoped he'd be, but it was Saturday Night in which he played a game that clearly set him apart from the rest.

Diaz gets my pick (better late than never) for Man of the Match from Saturday's 3-1 victory over upstart Chivas USA. FC Dallas' number 10 set himself apart with his performance, especially on two of their three goals.

We've already been witnesses to Diaz's free kick ability, and again Mauro delivered another beautiful ball, this time, into the box rather than the back of the net. Chivas held a very high line, giving Diaz plenty of room to loft one into the box. The ball went directly to the head of Hendry Thomas, who put it right on Fabian Castillo's foot who then calmly footed the ball past Chivas keeper Dan Kennedy. This goal came after a slew of chances right in front of goal for FC Dallas that they could never capitalize on.

One of these chances was on a Diaz corner from the left flag in the 30th minute. The ball was perfectly swung in, and Blas Perez put a terrific head on the ball, but unfortunately it landed right in front of Kennedy who parried it away.

A second chance came in the 60th minute when Diaz swung a freekick in from the left endline that hit directly off the near post. Saturday night, it was safe to say that Mauro Diaz's free kick game wasn't lacking anything.

Neither was his passing.

In the 79th minute, Diaz took the ball on a counter attack and sent a through ball from the midfield line up to a streaking Je-Vaughn Watson. Watson then outran his chasing defender and escaped Dan Kennedy's reach to slot the ball off his right foot and into the net.

What we saw Saturday night from the 5'7" Argentinian was exactly what the Dallas faithful were hoping for. Passing, playmaking, and set pieces, all helping to attain a crucial home three points.

He was clearly the difference maker between a table-topping victory, and a fourth straight draw to Chivas.

What are your thoughts on my decision? What was your favorite moment from Mauro? Who gets your vote from Saturday night? Comment and vote below. DTID!