FCD vs Chivas USA: Reserve style

FC Dallas Communications

I was out at the reserve game this morning and thought I’d share a few things that caught my eye:

Danny Garcia: My MOTM for the game. This kid gets better and better every time I see him. I knew his motor never stopped, but he’s proving that his vision and passing is getting up to the pro level. He assisted on both Akindele goals. Oscar said to start the season that he sees Danny as a Mauro backup and I’m starting to become a believer.

Victor Ulloa: I was very impressed by the 83 minutes put in by the FCD homegrown. He really showed the quality that he has. His passing was clean and he was breaking up many of the Goat’s attacks. This allowed Michel to roam and play long balls to the forwards. It was the kind of performance he needed since FCD could be down three CM next week for Portland. This may be his time to step up and prove why Oscar has shown faith in him to keep him around.

Nick Walker: If a ball goes into a crowd, I’ve got $20 on Nick Walker clearing it. He had a few bad giveaways but it’s clear he’s working on his ball distribution. His athleticism is off the charts. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him on the field in the next few games.

Ryan Hollingshead/Brian Span Left Side Attack: Ryan was playing left back which was surprising, but he and Cobi really had a lot of nice sequences together. Hollingshead also was pretty good defensively. When you’re at the end of the roster, you gotta get on the field. No matter the position.

Side Notes: Raul Fernandez started and played the first half. He wasn’t really tested, but it was nice to see him out there. Walker Zimmerman was running around the field working on his fitness. I also saw AJ in crutches and a boot #SadFace. Hopefully his scan tomorrow shows no structural damage

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