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FC Dallas Finish Preseason With 1-1 Draw Against San Antonio

Kellyn Acosta scores the lone FCD goal.

Well that was...rather uninspiring. FC Dallas traveled south to San Antonio to face the NASL Scorpions Saturday in their final preseason game of 2014. The result was a rather dull 1-1 draw in the Alamo City.

FCD had the lead for the majority of the game thanks to a goal from Kellyn Acosta. But it was a late strike on a free kick from the Scorpions' Greg Janicki to seal the draw.

The FCD goal came after constant pressure throughout the first half. Fabian Castillo was his dangerous self again in this game, testing the Scorpions keeper. Acosta shook his defender to get on the end of a Michel cross and send a textbook header past the ‘keeper. It was nice to see that Michel still had his touch on those crosses.

A few random notes:

- Very nice traveling group from FCD. At times it seemed to make a big difference for the group, knowing that they had a large support behind them.

- San Antonio wants to be MLS ready, after last night I think they certainly are. The idea of a Texas triangle is really appealing at this point and will certainly be a topic for next week.

- Hendry Thomas looks like the beast we all thought he would be. As much as we saw Mauro Diaz is key to the club's success this season (and he is), Thomas may just be as important.

- The fact that we haven't seen the likes of George John at all this preseason is extremely troublesome. We really need the big guy healthy as the defense just seemed to lose steam at the end of the match.

- I also cannot wait to see what David Texeira and Andres Escobar add to this club. I will say we need to be patient with both of them though early on.

- Next year, let's do less traveling around the world in the preseason and more focus on getting quality games in. Too many players looked gassed after the 65th minute. The team should be firing on all cylinders by now but you have to wonder if all this travel has gotten to them already.

- The result itself just wasn't a great one though in the end. For all the changes that this group has gone through, and the lack of playoffs in two season, the club really needed a strong outing in their final preseason tuneup. But they came well short of that.