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FC Dallas vs Sporting KC: Game Grades

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We take a look at the individual performances this past Saturday.

Dom's down! Drink!
Dom's down! Drink!
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A point on the road? Always nice. Points on the road against the reigning MLS Cup holders? Even better.

Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 6.5

Seitz may have been the only bright spot in the entire first half of this match. With 5 saves and 7 total stops on 18 attempts on goal with only one goal conceded, it's easy to say it was a solid night for the FCD keeper. While he seems to have some depth perception issues at times, Seitz has still proven that he is worthy of starting and should give Raul Fernandez something to think about when he returns to health.

Kellyn Acosta - 5

While his work on the offensive side of the ball was a little lacking this game (wasn't everyone's though?) his defensive capabilities and distribution out of the back were solid on the night. It did seem that almost every time the young RB moved into the final third he would lose the ball through either bad ball handling or bad crosses. Not his best game for sure but he's still so young, and if his struggles were on both sides of the ball we would be more worried. The 18 yr old will be just fine this year.

Stephen Keel - 6

The veteran did an admirable job at CB for the Hoops (Yes I will still call them Hoops). Not a flashy game by any means but quality work all the way around. Keep is so good at gumming up the works through the middle of the field and then putting a good pass on the ball to get it out of danger. While his 66% passing wasn't the best on the night for FCD, as Meatloaf says, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Matt Hedges - 8

MotM for me without question. Hedges put on a clinic last Saturday with his performance. Just take a look at the dudes Chalkboard and it tells the story of a man possessed. 17 for 18 passing, 12 clearances (including one very important clearance off the line late in the game), and one VERY important shot on goal. I always thought hedges would be trade bait for FCD. I take it back. This is a player that FCD can use to build a bright future with.

Jair Benitez - 4.5

Another tough weak for the veteran Colombian. My love/hate relationship with Benitez grew to new heights last season but so far this year it seems that his 35 years are starting to really show. While his offensive push can definitely be felt, his lack of pace on the defensive side of the ball is clearly hurting the team and forcing more work onto the center backs.. Is it time that Mo Hernandez gets the start this weekend at LB?

Andrew Jacobson - 5.5

Another quiet performance from the new captain. Solid work overall but seemed to fade in and out of the game. AJ did have a few nice blocks in the box and good stops through the midfield. His overall distribution was good (21 for 26 passes completed) but he had a few bad give aways in the middle of the pitch. With two games under his belt as captain it's time for Jacobson to start cleaning up his game this season. I expect a good performance from him this weekend.

Adam Moffat -6

Where ever the ball went through the midfield, so did Moffat. While there seemed to be some rust on his legs at the start of the game Moffat picked it up as the minutes ticked off and he gave good performance in his 87 minutes. Kellyn Acosta owes the Scotsman a thank you for the help that he provided to the young RB on a few occasions. I worry that his paring with AJ isn't the best for him since the two are the same type of DM that likes to push forward in attack.. I really want to see what it would look like with Thomas and Moffat on the field together.

Fabian Castillo - 5

It wasn't the best of nights for Castillo in attack. The youngster lost possession 22(!) times of the course of the game and just couldn't get in a rhythm. I don't know if it was the KC defense being so good through the midfield or our offense being bad but Castillo just couldn't get things going. He took a large step back from last week and looked, at times, like the old Castillo that likes to run to the end line and waste a bad attempt at a cross/shot. Blas Perez yelled at him more than once through out the night for his poor decision making.

Mauro Diaz - 5

Looking at Mauro's distribution chart for this game you could be excused for thinking that he plays as a b2b midfielder. The hack-fest he had endure from SKC didn't help matters for the young Argentine. With only 1 shot (from a set piece and off target) he was made mostly ineffective by the, at times, overly aggressive KC defense. How no one got carded for the tackles on Diaz I will never understand. I wouldn't think that this type of performance will be a regular occurrence from the young attacking mid. At least we all hope not.....

Je Vaughn Watson - 6

I think a lot of credit needs to be given to Watson for his efforts, especially on the defensive side of the ball, on Saturday. While he, like all FCD offensive players, had trouble in the attack and didn't record a single shot the entire game, his 30+ minutes at RB were pretty solid. Many of us questioned his move back there in the first game and when it happened this match we were really scratching our heads. Any doubt we had about Watson filling in for Acosta was put to bed. I don't want the guy starting there necessarily but he certainly adds great depth, especially while Woodberry is on the IR list.

Blas Perez - 5

Not a good game for the big Panamanian. I don't necessarily think he had a bad performance as much as that SKC midfield would not let anything come through during the run of play. he did have a few nice defensive plays but had to drop back into defense way too often. His one golden chance that he had right before half time is put on goal by Blas 9 times out of 10, unfortunately that was his one.

Oscar Pareja - 7

While many of us questioned his choice of subs (Michel? Really?) Michel showed why Pareja put him in when he did and the strategy worked. Four points from his first two games, including a road trip to the defending champs, is not a bad showing. There is still a lot that Oscar needs to do to get this team where he wants it but he's showing why the Hunt's fought so hard to get him here.

Off The Bench

Andres Escobar - 3.5

He was on the pitch for 30 minutes? Seriously? Not an impressive half hour for the newest Colombian on the squad. He really contributed nothing during his time. Let's hope that we can write this off to the fact that he's still trying to gel with this squad and that the KC defense had a spectacular day.

David Texeira - 5

Not much to speak of during his 12 minutes on the pitch other than drawing the foul that lead to the game tying goal. Was it a dive? Probably. Will we take it? you bet. Very much looking forward to what this young man can bring to this team.

Michel - 9

How could I give him such a high grade for only being on the pitch for a few minutes? Because he did exactly what he was supposed to do and he did it well. I see this as his role throughout this season.