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Big D Daily: News for March 18, 2014

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FC Dallas returns to practice today to prepare for Chivas USA.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

St. Patrick's Day is behind us now, which means for FC Dallas fans it is time to start turning our attention towards Chivas USA this weekend.

As the club begins to prepare for them in training this week, here are some morning links to get your Tuesday started.

// FC Dallas //

Shave or grow for Seitz? |

The keeper for FCD took this question to Instagram yesterday afternoon. I vote for growing out the beard. But at the end of the day, let's be honest, his wife has more say in this than we do.

Are Chivas for real? |

The digital team at FCD is already looking ahead to this weekend's game.

FCD launches club in Tyler | KLTV

More confirmation that FCD is now partnered up with an east Texas club.

// MLS //

LA prep to hold on to lead in CCL |

It is going to be a massive fight tonight between LA and Tijuana.

River Plate president expects Estaban Cambiasso to go to MLS |

A 33-year old Argentine midfielder with World Cup experience. Yeah, I think he would fit in well in MLS.

Team of the Week |

Still no love for Hedges here. Lame.

More on the away goal madness in MLS |

Yeah, its lame and at this point I'm not sure what the best format for the MLS Playoffs would be.

300k tune in for TFC-Seattle on TSN | Soccer America

Not a bad TV number for Canada's TSN.

List of loans for MLS players grows | Soccer America

Lots of MLS youngsters are getting loaned out, the question remains for us, when will we see one of our own get loaned?

// FIFA //

Jack Warner accused of taking World Cup bribes |

File this one under the no-duh category.

// MISC //

KTLA anchors experience yesterday's earthquake | Youtube

Ha, I love their reaction. Almost as much as I love this image about yesterday's quake.

And finally our stadium tour today takes us to the Czech Republic with the Eden Arena.



What should Seitz do? Are you in favor of this new away-goals systems in MLS for the playoffs? And will you be cheering on LA tonight in the CCL? Lets discuss that and more below.