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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday March 12, 2014

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Some players are getting healthy, finally.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're at the half way point in our second week of the season. FC Dallas is in full prep mode for their weekend encounter with the defending MLS Cup champions Sporting KC.

While they get ready, here are some links to get your morning started off.

// FC Dallas //

Stephen Keel working back into full health | Dallas Soccer News

One guy that should be ready to go this weekend is a veteran defender. Oscar Pareja could use him for sure.

Party at the Pubs | Facebook

If you can't make it to KC this weekend, why not head up to Frisco and watch the game at The Varsity Club?

Academy paying off for FCD | Soccer America

FCD is one of the few clubs in MLS to start two HGPs in a game.

// MLS //

San Jose has yet another comeback, this time in CCL |

So typical. But hey, I'm all down for rooting on the Quakes in this competition as they face a Mexican squad.

MLS preps for CCL | Fox Soccer

I have to think at least one MLS squad makes it to the semifinals. Right?

MLS and refs continue saga into week 2 |

In a way, you'd think this would be a much bigger story than it is. Hopefully the player negotiations with their CBA later this year don't go in this ugly direction.

Locked out officials publish a burn book |


Parkhurst sees MLS's growth after being away for a few years |

The new league of choice continues to earn high praise.

// USMNT //

Holden out again with knee injury |

I really hate seeing this for Stu but I think once he recovers it is time to return to MLS.

// MISC //

Matthew McConaughey explains the origin of 'Alright, Alright, Alright' | YouTube

I have to say, this story does not disappoint.

And finally, our stadium tour takes us to Azerbaijan with the Lankaran City Stadium



What do you make of all this referee lockout stuff? Are you rooting for MLS teams in the CCL? Let's discuss that and more below.