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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday March 11, 2014

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Diaz up for goal of the week.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The days after a nice win are always fun. There are plenty of positives to discuss and a lot of people throwing praise your team's way. We're seeing that today as FC Dallas begins to prepare for Sporting KC this weekend.

Time to get started on the morning, so here are some links.

// FC Dallas //

Diaz up for goal of the week |



Stephen Keel impresses in reserve league win |

Well at least one more center back is healthy now. That is good news.

Social media recap |

Some people may not enjoy this type of thing but I love seeing that the club's digital team is doing things like this.

Diaz, Castillo on MLS Team of the Week |

Much deserved praise for these two after a solid opening week.

Diaz earns praise from SI as well |

I love that everyone's comment about Diaz is centered around how he earned the penalty kick. Yet few are mentioning that free kick goal he scored.

Warshaw on his defense of MLS | Extratime Radio

More on Bobby Warshaw's article on Deadspin.

// MLS //

USL partnership has given lower league stability |

I'll continue to say it, the USL was a much better choice for MLS to partner with than the NASL.

Week one in review |

Here is another weekend recap of sorts, this time by the SBN Soccer gang.

Bradley ready for Seattle match |

I'm really looking forward to the Seattle-Toronto match this weekend. Though I have to admit, I wish it came in like a month when everyone was more in form.

San Jose lands speedy winger on loan |

I have to say this move (landing Yannick Djalo) is one that does make me think a little more about San Jose here.

Shea returns to Stoke following incident |

Oh boy, Brek Shea is going back to Stoke following his little gesture. How much longer until he is back with a MLS team is my next question (note: FCD does not own his MLS rights due to the transfer fee they received from Stoke).

// MISC //

Obama on Between Two Ferns | Funny or Die

I love that Galifianakis didn't hold back in this. Then again the man did spank Justin Bieber on this show once before so I shouldn't be surprised by anything he does.

And finally our stadium tour takes us to the Faroe Island with Eidi Stadium.



Have you voted for Diaz's goal? Be sure to do that! Feel free to use this thread for your daily discussion.