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FC Dallas vs Montreal Impact: Game Grades

Offensively things looked good, but how did the rest of the squad do?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After a successful opening day team effort against the Montreal Impact we take a look at how the individual players stacked up.

Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 7

While it could be argued that Seitz could have done better on the Nyassi opener (but really a few players could have done better on that goal) he was solid in the absence of Raul Fernandez. Also a little tough on the man for the second goal as FC Dallas only had 10 men on the field. On top of the 6 saves he made on the night, 2 of those in the final 5 minutes, his distribution out of the back was excellent.

Kellyn Acosta - 5

The youngster had some really solid moments in this game including several key clearances. However the back post was left wide open on more than one occasion including the 9th minute goal by Nyassi. To be fair tough it's hard to say if Acosta was necessarily at fault or that he was having to slide into the center to pick up slack from the left side of the field.

Matt Hedges - 6

You could definitely tell that Hedges was the best performer on that back line all night. Playing next to first time CB Hernandez didn't make his job any easier. He showed why Pareja considered him for the Captaincy this season as his veteran leadership helped to hold together the, at times, shaky back line.

Moises Hernandez - 4

Moises had several rough moments on the evening but that's to be expected from a guy who not only was playing his first MLS game, but playing out of position of his preferred and natural LB spot. I don't think this performance is necessarily indicative of what we should expect out of the HG product all season. He's only going to continue to develop and get stronger as he learns to gel with the squad.

Jair Benitez - 4.5

Honestly Jair did not have that great of a night over all. He allowed Justin Mapp to blow past him on more than one occasion and caused Hedges and Acosta to have to play closer to his side of the pitch, allowing several good runs on the far post for Montreal, including the Nyassi goal. He does get half a point though for his two potentially game saving clearances off of the line in the 3rd minute.

Hendry Thomas - 6

A nice solid start from the Honduran for FC Dallas. He really played a solid role sitting right above the back line and seemed to pair well with Andrew Jacobson in disrupting the Impact's rhythm. The Impact had to resolve to launching long balls into the final 3rd largely due to Thomas and Jacobson's performances. Let's hope the foot injury he picked up in the 65th minute isn't something that will be an issue long term.

Andrew Jacobson - 6

The first time FCD captain didn't get talked about a lot on the game broadcast, which if you're a defensive player is not necessarily a bad thing. AJ disrupted the flow of the Montreal attack and paired well with new teammate Hendry Thomas. While not a flashy performance for the captain it was a well executed game for AJ and that's all you can ask for.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 5.5

Watson played RW for most of this game and covered at RB for the final 9 minutes. A good performance from the big Jamaican who played 2 games for the Reggae Boys in the lead up to the FCD opener. While he didn't take advantage of the few scoring chances he had, Watson was good in his distribution and worked well with Kellyn Acosta, allowing the youngster to get up in attack on several occasions. He also had some good runs onto the post but was unable to get on the end of anything.

Mauro Diaz - 8.5

Man of the Match without question, and that free kick goal was as pretty as they come. The kid was all over the field, and not in a bad way. Diaz looked like the #10 we were all hoping for. His distribution was crisp and accuracy when shooting should keep opposing keepers up at night. He brought all of the qualities that you want out of a CAM and then some. He is poised to quickly become a crowd favorite and could really light MLS afire this season.

Fabian Castillo - 8

This is the Fabian that FCD fans have been wanting to see. I know it's only one game but he seems to already be showing the improvement under Pareja that many pundits have been predicting. We already knew that few in MLS can match his speed and now as he matures will many be able to match his skill?

Blas Perez - 6

A good game for Blas. Not great but good. I'm sure the big man would have loved some more service and better chances, but he showed that there's a reason the Panamanian was the man called on the take the PK when the pressure was on. With the likes of Texeira and Akindele pushing him this season we should only expect him to improve.

Off The Bench

Michel - 5

An okay performance from the Brazilian. While he had some nice interceptions and stops, his service, what he's known for, seemed to be off. Easy to chalk that up to first game rust though. I'm expecting Michel to play more of a bit part/specialist role this season off the bench.

Andres Escobar - NA

The young Colombian only got 9 minutes of play in his debut for the Hoops and really only had one decent chance. We should expect to see more minutes for Escobar as he continues to gel with his knew teammates. We should all hope for good things from this young man.

Peter Luccin - NA

The veteran only got a few minutes at the end of the game but did what he was supposed to do and bolstered the defensive side of the ball to hold off a last minute Montreal attack. It will be interesting to see if it's Luccin or Moffat that get the start if Hendry Thomas can't go in KC.