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BDS Man of the Match: Fabian Castillo

The young Colombian earned high honors on Saturday night.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Going into Saturday night, FC Dallas had many on-going stories. The return of Oscar Pareja, the addition of young players and the new attacking midfielder role for Mauro Diaz. Among these stories was Fabian Castillo and whether or not 2014 would be his breakout year.

If his season becomes anything like Saturday night, the answer to that question is an emphatic yes.

Castillo gets my vote for MOTM for week 1. I selected him for a number of reasons.

From the very start of Saturday's match, he showed off not only his electrifying speed, but his ability to maintain possession at the same time.

Castillo got his first goal of the season early on when he was on the receiving end of a ball from JeVaughn Watson that deflected off of Blas Perez and landed at the foot of Castillo. Castillo calmly knocked the ball into the bottom right corner of the netting, showing a finishing touch that was absent for much of last season.

Castillo's night, though, was just getting started. Throughout the game, he created numerous shots for himself, taking five of the team's XI. Two of the teams four shots on goal were also from Castillo.

Castillo also created chances for others, thus fulfilling both of his winger roles. Late in the game, he took the ball all the way down the left side and sent across a beautiful ground ball that landed right at Andres Escobar's foot. Escobar did not get a very strong foot on it and it rolled softly to Montréal keeper Troy Perkins.

We saw a very different Fabian Castillo the Saturday night. We saw a player who injected life into the team each time he touched the ball and was much more improved with his decision-making in the final third of the field. We saw Castillo take smart shots, send in effective crosses and play with a seemingly never-ending motor.

For these reasons, Castillo gets the MOTM nod.

Castillo needed to come in and show he was improved and going to be an essential part to FCD's attacking scheme, and he easily fulfilled that role.

Who was your Man of the Match?

Vote and comment below with who and why, as well as giving me your thoughts on Castillo's play Saturday. DTID.