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Community Preseason Predictions: Mauro Diaz

The Young DP will enter his first full season at FCD.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're continuing on with our preseason community predictions series. So far we have looked at Blas Perez and Fabian Castillo. Up next is another young attacker Mauro Diaz.

The young Argentine came to FC Dallas in the middle of the 2013 season. He only was able to appear in 10 games, starting five of them. He scored three goals and tallied two assists in that short span, giving many FCD fans hope that he would be the guy for the future.

His season was cut a bit short though as he came down with an injury against Chicago, causing him to miss the final two games of the regular season.

By all accounts he is healthy right now, as he traveled with the club to the Middle East for their preseason trip to UAE. He appears to be active in training over there and judging by what some folks at the club have told me, he is at 100% already. That's good news to hear for everyone.

But just how will he do under new head coach Oscar Pareja is the key question? He showed in his limited time last year that he has the ability to do something special on the ball, each time he touches it. FC Dallas needs a big time play maker now that David Ferreira is gone, and Diaz is the guy for that job. With a fast paced offense that focuses on possession, Diaz will look to earn his DP tag.

So what are you all predicting for Diaz this season?

5 goals, 9 assists, 28 games started, 29 games played