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Exploring the Depth Chart: Goalkeepers

Taking a look at each position to see what FC Dallas has and needs for 2014.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While FC Dallas is fully into their preseason here, we felt like it would be a good time to take a deeper look at the depth chart. So we're starting up a new series that explores each position to see what FC Dallas has, needs, and more.

Today we will begin our look with possibly the deepest position on the roster, the goalkeepers. I say it is the deepest just based purely on the numbers game. FCD has five keepers currently on the roster. There may be some moves made with this group before the season starts but until then, this club is certainly set between the pipes.

Who FCD Has

Raul Fernandez - The 2013 All-Star started in 26 games last year for the Hoops. He had seven shutouts and made 86 saves. There is little doubt that he is still 'the guy' to stand in goal for the club. Hopefully in year two his communications with the back line improves and we see him step up more as a leader.

Chris Seitz - A strong backup to say the very least. Seitz started in eight games last year for FCD, saving 24 shots and earned two shutouts. There are some camps that would love to see Seitz as the number one in goal and I would imagine he may have a shot to open the season in goal for the club with Fernandez still rehabbing his hip.

Richard Sanchez - The Homegrown had a big year in 2013, going on loan to the NASL with Fort Lauderdale. He gained a ton of good experience there and many out there wonder if this will finally be the year that we see him start a game for FCD.

Jesse Gonzalez - Another Homegrown, Gonzalez wasn't eligible to play for the first team in 2013 duet when he signed his HGP deal. While he will be eligible in 2014, I would imagine he will spend more of his time with the U18 Academy squad than with the first team.

Kyle Zobeck - The Supplemental Draft pick in 2013 saw plenty of time with the Reserve team but that was about it.

Needs going forward

Cuts - To be honest, there really is no way FCD can go through an entire season with five keepers on the roster again like they did in 2013. Last year it made sense to have the numbers the way they did with Fernandez being gone with Peru and Sanchez going on loan.

That likely means Zobeck and Gonzalez are the two in danger of not sticking around long-term. I would hope at the least that FCD has a loan set up for Gonzalez if he isn't set to spend more time with the Academy than with the first team. You got to think that those are two fairly valuable roster spots that could be better utilized.

Health - Right now Fernandez is still recovering from his hip injury from late last season. I've been given indications from the club that he will be fine once the season gets under way but this is still a need for the season. The club needs Fernandez to be healthy for the long-term or else they'll have to keep an extra keeper on the roster. His health may determine how long Zobeck or Gonzalez has with this team.