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Community Preseason Predictions: Blas Perez

A third season will soon begin with the Panamian leading the strikeforce. How will he fare in 2014?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

What has been said about Blas Perez that hasn't already been said? For two years running, Super Ratón has been the tip of the spear and has excelled in his role.

What can FC Dallas fans expect from Blas in 2014? More of the same, with the added bonus of a full pre-season training with Mauro Diaz. While the midfield is still weak, Mauro's skills complement Blas' effectiveness perfectly, and with a full training regiment together, FCD could see significant improvements in the final product provided in the offensive third.

There is the added blessing that Blas will not be away on international duty for the World Cup. While this is hardly a plus for him, the team benefits by having him stick around. Last season saw Blas miss more than his share of games due to the Gold Cup and World Cup Qualifiers.

With David Ferreira and Kenny Cooper gone, Blas will be looked to far more than before to provide the needed killer blow in front of the box. While some of the burden may be lessed by Eric Hassli (if he gets fit enough), this will be a year in which FC Dallas depends on Blas even more than before.

Motivation plays a key factor in a player's performance throughout the season. How will he react leading up to the World Cup, knowing his team was within minutes of making it in and then crashing out? How will he react to a new coach and potentially new players?

14 goals, 4 assists, 27 games started