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Big D Daily: News for Friday February 28, 2014

Last day of the month, which means the MLS season is nearly upon us.


Man, where has this month gone? Seriously, tomorrow starts March and the one week countdown to the start of the 2014 regular season.

We have plenty to discuss on here today but before we get started, here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

John still questionable for opener |

More and more I think we'll see Moises Hernandez get the start while George John continues to rehab his injury.

Goalkeeper kit revealed |

I've always wondered, do non-goalies (in other words people who have never played that position) buy keeper jerseys?

Local DJ added to Lamar's Tailgate |

Every little detail is coming together for next Saturday.

Season Preview | ProSoccerTalk

And another season preview....

// MLS //

Is Austin in the running for a MLS expansion spot? | ProSoccerTalk

Would MLS really work with four Texas-based teams? That may be a topic to explore around these parts later today.

Cost of leadership changes effect winter deals | ProSoccerTalk

Good stuff here on the heels of the Matias Laba trade. Also, FCD's Adam Moffat has a mention in here as well that is worth noting.

Secret to Fantasy Manager success? |

We'll have more Fantasy Manager advice of our own later today, but this is a handy little image to bookmark.

Eva Longoria tweets support for San Antonio |

More and more I think some celebrity endorsements will help some cities out for getting a MLS team.

// NASL //

League changes playoff format while dealing with MLS issues |

I think it is cute that Bill Peterson thinks that MLS is his league's competition. Dude come on.

// MISC //

Jimmy Kimmel cries during a segment about a 7-year old boy | YouTube

A little tear jerker to end the week. Seriously, I'm man enough to admit I got choked up watching this.

And finally, our stadium tour takes us to the seems fitting with them in the news to show Donbass Arena.



What do you make of George John potentially being out for the opener? Do you feel Texas can have four MLS teams? And what do you make of the NASL? Feel free to discuss that and more in this thread.