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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday February 26, 2014

We're inching closer to the start of the regular season.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown to the start of the regular season is quickly going down. Yesterday, FC Dallas gave out MLS Live codes to every season ticket holder, a very cool move by the front office.

Here are some links to get the morning started.

// FC Dallas //

Will Pareja spark FCD? |

Season previews are here, and MLS has their full preview of the club up. I can't say I disagree with a ton of it either.

Is Mauro Diaz ready to be an elite player? |

We know Mauro is key to success.

Pareja passion is infectious | Soccerly

Everyone is drinking the Papi kool-aid.

// MLS //

Portland warns, Valeri is back |

If he stays healthy, he is indeed one of the best midfielders in MLS.

Petke discusses Henry and Moreno |

Interesting to hear someone from the Red Bulls finally talk about their recently departed Homegrown...and that French guy I suppose.

Matias Laba heading to Vancouver? |

Here comes another loan within MLS. Toronto doesn't have to totally give up Laba but they do loan him to a rival.

// USMNT //

US-Ukraine game moved to Cyprus |

Well then...

// MISC //

Troll your friends with this Back To The Future link | Tumblr

So apparently this person creates a new date, every day. Still fun to scare someone with it.

And finally our stadium tour takes us to Norway, with Rosenborg's Lerkendal Stadion.



What do you make of all of these season previews that are floating around out there? Feel free to use this thread for your daily discussion.