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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday February 25, 2014

Moves to be made by the end of the week for FC Dallas to become roster compliant.

FC Dallas Communications

We're in what is starting to feel like the final lap before the regular season begins. Just around a week and a half to go here before FC Dallas takes on Montreal.

Before we get started with the morning links, I want to direct your attention to our call for new writers post that was published last night. It is really important to me that we continue to grow this community into one of the best MLS blogs out there, and definitely the best FC Dallas related site on the web. I can only do that if we add more writers.

Anyways, time to get the day going with some links.

// FC Dallas //

GoPro at practice |

Danny Garcia takes us inside a FCD practice.

// MLS //

Vergara's ugly legacy in MLS |

Kudos to Alicia from The Goat Parade for writing this all out and the SBN Soccer editors for putting it together in a long format like this too. You really should read this before anything today if you haven't already.

Chivas needs a rebrand, not a relocation |

When people ask why I think Chivas TBD should stay in LA, I think I may just begin to point them to this piece.

CBA battle will be fought in the middle |

I think this CBA battle will be possibly more interesting than the last one.

Mike Magee holding out? | Hot Time In Old Town

Well that can't be good.

US Hall of Fame class announced |

Congrats all around to Brian McBride and Bob Bradley.

Chicago trades former ROY to Philly |

I think we're going to be hearing the phrase "this move allows us to become cap compliant" a lot this week.

MLS eyes resolution after Chivas purchase |

Looks like I missed this one the other day about the sale of Chivas USA and some numbers being thrown around. $70 million? Hmm..

Offseason rankings |

Funny how we blasted MLS for their offseason rankings a few weeks ago but this one will likely be met with greater praise.

// USMNT //

Johnson finalizes move |

Looks like MLS squads can cross Fabian Johnson off their summer signing lists.

// MISC //

Remembering Harold Ramis |

I'm totally watching Ghostbusters and Caddyshack later.

And finally, our MLS stadium tour takes us to Morocco Stade Adrar.



What do you make of all the Chivas stories? Do you have a good name for them as they rebrand? Feel free to use this thread for your daily discussion.