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Big D Soccer Is Looking For New Writers

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing how the new season begins here shortly, it seems like a great time to open up our roster here at Big D Soccer to some new voices.

We're looking for folks who would be interested in the following types of weekly posts:

  • Game Recaps (or opinions following games)
  • News/opinion around Major League Soccer
  • Practice reports
  • Following the FCD Academy
  • Behind Enemy Lines (scouting the next opponent)
  • Scratching the Chalkboard (a deeper look into the Opta stats available)
  • And many more...

These positions are unpaid at the moment, but if you're interested in pursuing a career in Internet or sports media, I can assure you that time spent on the editorial staff of SB Nation/Vox Media can look great on a resume. If you're merely interested in gaining some experience or giving back to the Big D Soccer community, this is a good opportunity to accomplish both of those things as well.

And ladies, please don't be shy. I realize it might seem like a boys' club up here, but I'd very much like to add a female voice or two to the staff so by all means apply.

So if you are interested please email me with what kind of post are you interested in doing and any writing samples that you might have.