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Community Preseason Predictions: Tesho Akindele

Figuring out where a rookie forward will land is always tricky.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Time now for another community preseason prediction here. Lately we've been throwing some soft balls at you all with these predictions. But now it is time to really dive into the meat of the roster.

Today we're discussing rookie draft pick Tesho Akindele.

I'm sure most of you are thinking, really? We can't predict what a rookie will or will not do this early in the year. You're partly true. But I'm going to throw out a couple things to keep in mind when looking at Akindele.

First of all, rookies under Oscar Pareja have done very well over the last two seasons. In Colorado, Pareja had two really good rookies last year in Deshorn Brown and Plano native Dillon Powers. Before that Pareja snagged midfielder Tony Cascio in 2012.

Now it certainly is too early to compare Akindele to those three but consider the playing time that those three got in their rookie years and you may have enough to go off of here. Both Brown and Powers earned some of the most minutes as rookies in 2013 (2169 minutes for Brown, 2457 minutes for Powers) and Cascio saw the field plenty in his rookie season (1692 minutes in 2012).

Secondly, it all comes down to Pareja for me. He is familiar with Akindele and his skill set and knows that he'll be a good backup to Blas Perez. Now I'm not predicting Rookie of the Year honors just yet but I do see Akindele getting his fair share of minutes and time with the first team in 2014.

What do you all think? Let's discuss it below.

13 games, 3 starts, 3 goals, 2 assists