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Exploring the Depth Chart: Left Backs

The left back position is deep, but just how deep.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a few days since our last depth chart deep dive. Today we'll get back into that as we look at the club's left back situation.

FC Dallas has three quality players that they can utilize at left back in the 2014 season. The question will soon become, will Oscar Pareja go with youth or experience?

Who FCD has

Jair Benitez - The veteran defender will make his return again in 2014 for another season. No matter what you think of Benitez, he has been fairly consistent over the years, making at least 25 or more starts in the last four seasons. At times he has been a little reckless but as we saw in 2013, he became a guy the club could rely on. And let's all not forget the long-range bomb he gifted us in 2013 against Vancouver.

Michel - The second year Brazilian is a bit of an interesting player to figure out. But the one thing we do know we can count on with him is his set piece taking ability. Michel proved time and time again in 2013 that he is worth having standing over the ball in any dead ball situation.

Moises Hernandez - Lastly we have the young Homegrown player that has been out on loan each of the last two seasons. Hernandez spent plenty of time in Costa Rica and Guatemala over the last two years and has really come back as a man.

Questions/Needs going forward

Where Mo will go - So far in the preseason we've seen Hernandez play more in the middle of the defense than on the wings but that was mostly due to FCD not having the main group of center backs with them in the Middle East. I think we'll start seeing more of him on the outside this week in Florida. But the bigger question of this is really, how much of an opportunity will he really get this season? You gotta think at some point we see him get the starting nod at this spot than the other two guys. But that will all come down to him wanting it, pushing for it and Pareja taking notice.

Is Michel worth keeping around? - Nothing against Michel but does FCD really need him anymore? I'm not usually as negative on players but the more I look at this defensive group, the more I see him as the odd man out more than anyone else. Maybe I am wrong in that thought process though. Or maybe he belongs more in the midfield than here now. Still his set piece ability it tough to get rid of here.

Can Jair remain impactful? - At times Benitez was his own worst enemy but I really did enjoy seeing him progress into a veteran player that FCD could count on in 2013. But how long will that last? He's the team's oldest player at the moment and you really wonder if this could be the final year for him.