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Rumor: FC Dallas Linked To Striker David Texeira

Could this be the DP that FC Dallas is after here?

Getty Images

You have to love the silly season. This morning we have a new rumor as to who FC Dallas could be after next. Uruguayan striker David Texeira is the target according to one reporter.

So what does this all really mean? First of all, the 22-year old has been searching for a new club for a few weeks according to this article (excuse the rough translation). It also means that IF this deal is actually happening, there will be a transfer fee involved, which will likely mean that Texeira would end up on FCD's roster as a Designated Player (at least he would be a Young DP).

The next interesting thing to point out in all of this, according to some of you on Twitter, FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo made a stop in Holland last week (according to his Facebook account). Can we read that much into this? Maybe. Maybe not. Why else would he stop in Holland when the rest of the team was flying back from Dubai?

The next interesting thing to look at is the roster itself, particularly with the international roster slots. Right now, FCD should be at eight of nine slots - though I would assume Hendry Thomas will indeed make it nine for nine (for some reason I haven't found information enough to support that he takes up a slot or not) (As you'll see in the comments below, Thomas has a green card). So that means either a trade will need to happen to free up a slot or a player will need to be cut. I think the ladder of those two seems more plausible and if that player is say Eric Hassli it would be the whole 'two birds with one stone' kind of situation.

We haven't received any comments from FC Dallas on this matter but it will certainly be something we'll keep an eye out for here.