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Big D Daily: News for Thursday February 13, 2014

Thomas lands in Dallas while the rest of his new team returns from the Middle East.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was an interesting day in Frisco to say the least. Not only did FC Dallas return from their Middle East trip, but they also landed an enforcer in the defensive midfield section of their roster in the form of Honduran Hendry Thomas.

Here are some links to get your started this morning.

Colorado sees flexibility due to the Thomas move |

Naturally the Rapids GM says what all GMs in MLS say after a trade that involves allocation money, but the real ponder is what level of money FCD gave up. My guess, somewhere in the $100k-$150k range. Seems high but it also seems about right when you consider the $70k or so that was being thrown around at the SuperDraft for a pick.

Colorado fans react to the trade | Burgundy Wave

I don't think anyone was overly shocked in Colorado to see Thomas leave. The Rapids and Thomas couldn't come to terms on any new deal, so a trade was always the most likely situation.

Promising demographics for MLS |

Usually I tend to follow the line of thinking that TV ratings are overrated these days but seeing more details on the actual demographics for MLS is still pretty darn useful.

More questions surrounding Laba | Waking the Red

Toronto offered Laba to Columbus but they said no. Now the Reds are saying they are still trying to keep Laba. Seriously, this situation is sticky.

And more on why Laba has to leave | Fox Soccer

More details on why exactly Laba is in the situation that he is in up in Toronto.

Projecting the next Olympic team |

Good to see a few FC Dallas players in the mix like Kellyn Acosta, Walker Zimmerman, and Danny Garcia.

Investment in forwards | Soccer America

No additions (yet) for FC Dallas in this kind of listing. Just interesting to see the number of games played/started by the forwards in the list.

Who committed the most fouls in MLS history? |

Gotta love when players give their opinion in a manner like this.

Miami Vice? Really? | Palm Beach Post

While I'm not overly fond of the name, I can live with it if they go all out with this name and colors. Just don't add 'FC', 'United' or 'Sporting' to the mix.

Though the best response to this kind of name had to be this:

New RoboCop movie review | D Magazine

While I usually don't care a lot for reboots of 80s movies, I have to say I am a little giddy to see this one. I don't know why either.

And lastly, we take our stadium journey this morning to the Middle East...where FC Dallas recently played in the Zayed Sports City Stadium.



What do you make of the possible team name in Miami? You going to see RoboCop? Feel free to use this as your discussion thread for the day.