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Who does FC Dallas stand to lose in tomorrow's Expansion Draft?

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It seems that FC Dallas might lose two players, or just one....or none at all.

Is Span going back to Orlando?
Is Span going back to Orlando?
Orlando Cit SC

The MLS Expansion Draft is set for tomorrow afternoon and while everyone is busy diving into the protection lists, we still have to look and wonder at what the chances are that FC Dallas could lose two players, or even just one.

The unprotected list from FCD only had a couple surprises revealed yesterday evening. Here again is the full list:

Jair Benitez
Walter Cabrera (Int'l)
Andres Escobar (Int'l)
Raul Fernandez (Int'l)
George John
Stephen Keel
Peter Luccin (Int'l)
Adam Moffat
David Texeira (Int'l)
Hendry Thomas
Brian Span
Nicholas Walker (Int'l)

So there are some big pricy names on that list. Two Designated Players, two veteran players coming off bad injuries that kept one of them out for an entire season and a slew of international players.

At the end of it I do believe FCD set themselves up nicely to lose no more than one player if not lose a single guy all together. But I figured I would place some odds on some guys and let you discuss it here today.

80% chance - Brian Span

Out of everyone on the list, Span seems to be the guy that could be lost tomorrow in the draft. One of the clubs picking is Orlando, which happened to be where Span spent most of 2013 on loan. They know him, he knows them. Throw in the fact that he is making below $50k right now makes him extremely attractive for a new club.

50-60% chance - Stephen Keel

If either New York City FC or Orlando City SC are looking for a good veteran option in this draft, Keel is a likely subject. He isn't on a hefty contract and his contract option was picked up for 2015. Many of you asked why FCD didn't protect him after picking up his option but it was a simple case of rolling the dice on the fact that he is coming off a surgery that is basically going to put him out until sometime in February. Dicey move but one I don't mind the club taking a chance on here.

40% chance - George John

John is an attractive option if either Orlando or New York can find a way to get him healthy and more importantly signed at a much lower price. As much as I would hate to see him officially leave Dallas this winter, I do want to see him succeed somewhere. New York wouldn't be a bad landing spot for him if he can get healthy too.

20% chance - Hendry Thomas

Another guy that is coming off a big injury. I still firmly believe FCD will get him back for 2015 at a much lower price but if I were a new team I would take a good hard look at what Thomas brings to the table. A tough veteran player that doesn't count as an international. When healthy he is a midfield destroyer.

5-10% chance - Jair Benitez, Raul Fernandez, Adam Moffat, Nick Walker

I nearly put all of these guys in the 0% chance but you just never know. Fernandez is still an interesting idea for either one of these clubs, especially New York. Orlando seems to have their keeper situation locked up with Tally Hall and a rumored move to get Ryan Merea. NYCFC on the other hand has Josh Saunders, a good option but Fernandez would be worth the risk I would think.

< 5% chance - Walter Cabrera, Andres Escobar, David Texeira, Peter Luccin

Two DPs, one old guy and one young defender that was on loan. I would be shocked to see any of these four names called on Wednesday.

What do you all think? Is anyone going to be picked tomorrow?