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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Protection lists are all the rage.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

You have to love the craziness of this week in MLS with drafts, lists, more drafts. Oh and trades. Yesterday was a massive day and the rest of this week is sure to be similar.

// FC Dallas //

12 hours of Christmas shopping |

The club has a big holiday sale going on this Friday. Definitely worth checking out.

// MLS //

The full list of who is and isn't protected for Wednesday's draft |

Definitely some bigger names on this list like Eddie Johnson, Diego Fagundez, Mauro Rosales, Kenny Cooper, Jackson, and Corey Ashe. Lots of over priced names in that short list too but definitely some talent to consider as we move forward. New York and Orlando have plenty to pick from but I would imagine they'll be wheeling and dealing tomorrow as well.

Union hope Sapong can rekindle his ROY season |

Anyone remember CJ Sapong? Yeah, I kinda forgot about him too in KC. Well, yesterday the Union finally were able to bring him home (they once tried to make a HGP claim on him).

Rogers reflects on MLS Cup and begins book tour |

Nice interview with Robbie Rogers who has recently won his second MLS Cup.

Salgado traded to NYCFC and transferred to an international club | Eighty Six Forever

One of the weirdest sounding deals I've ever seen. They traded Omar Salgado to NYCFC but were also able to retain any transfer fees that may come down the road for him. Smart move by the Whitecaps.

Orlando City builds its spine | The Mane Land

Man, you have to tip your cap to Orlando for the work they've been doing. They certainly added some quality yesterday to their roster.

US Soccer adds some 'sweeping changes' to development structure | US Soccer

Adding some more youth national teams, more coaching stuff. Lots of things really that will take some time to truly develop here in the country but overall it is a good move forward for the US.

MX Cup for 2015 with possible MLS sides | ESPN Deportes (Spanish)

Oh please no. A 'tournament of champions' with MLS. Didn't SuperLiga teach us nothing?

Petke goes off on Boston reporter | Awful Announcing

God love Mike Petke. Seriously, the New York Red Bull manager is a hero. Now especially a Twitter hero. I know reporters like these aren't worth the time of day to go after but I love the comment from Petke that says thanks for making us more relevant. Ha.

Alright, that is all that I have for this morning. What do you folks have today? Think a new MX-MLS tournament could work? Any player in the expansion draft unprotected lists that surprise you?