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Should MLS change the Expansion Draft?

Orlando and New York City both have a decent sized roster going into the expansion draft.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it is whiny or whatever to think this way a couple days before it happens but the more I look at the way things went down today in the MLS trade window, the more I think the Expansion Draft needs to change. And change fast as MLS continues to expand.

Orlando City SC and New York City FC continue to make deals as both were involved in a slew of trades today to help build their rosters. As it stands right now, Orlando has a roster of 12 players while New York City has eight. That is a lot of moves behind the scenes before Wednesday's draft.

Look back at 2012, when Montreal joined the league. Before the expansion draft the Impact had four players on their roster. Just four. In 2011, Portland only had five while Vancouver had signed just one player. Back in 2010, when Philadelphia entered the league, they had zero players on their roster before the expansion draft.

I'm not saying all of this because I am worried FC Dallas will lose an important piece like they did in 2011 when Portland snagged Dax McCarty only to trade him away to D.C. United. Dallas could still lose someone or even two someones on Wednesday but the way the 10 round draft stands, is it even worth MLS doing these days? Ten rounds seems a bit much these days when expansion teams nearly fill out their roster before the cherry picking even begins.

Would changing the draft to be five or six rounds instead of 10 be a worthy change? Is this draft even worth having altogether (I know the answer most fans and GMs would give to this).