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How efficient is FC Dallas' front office?

Soccermetrics releases their front office efficiencies.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

With a strict salary cap structure in Major League Soccer, there is always a wonder about how good a front office truly is or isn't. Soccermetrics recently released their efficiency numbers for all of the clubs in MLS and FC Dallas was one of the more efficient clubs in 2014.

So nearly 30k per point huh? Not bad, the Columbus Crew were a league-best in that department while Toronto FC was a league-high 264k per point. Yikes.

For what it is worth, MLS Cup finalist LA clocked in at 160k while New England was pretty darn cheap at 34k. You can look at the rest of them here on their Twitter account.

So how is all of this done?

You can read more about this all here.

What do you make of these numbers? Do you think FC Dallas was as efficient as it appears in the math?