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FC Dallas loses Chris Seitz in Mock Expansion Draft

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The two new SBN blogs raided the other MLS clubs in a mock draft.

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Late last week you all picked apart my Expansion Draft list for FC Dallas. In many ways I knew I was going in a bit blind because of the pending roster moves that the club had yet to make. Following Tuesdays' announcement, we now have a better understanding of who the club will likely save in the upcoming draft.

But first the matter at hand. SBN has two new blogs on the scene that you need to familiarize yourself with. Hudson River Blue (NYCFC) and The Mane Land (Orlando City SC) got to pick apart all of our protection lists during the holiday break last week for a little mock expansion draft.

The 10 round draft only saw FC Dallas lose one player, keeper Chris Seitz to NYCFC.

Here is what Hudson River Blue had to say about selecting Seitz:

New York City already has a capable goalkeeper in Josh Saunders, who won two MLS Cups with the Galaxy. But Saunders hasn't played in the league for two years, and he's recently undergone knee surgery. For that reason, we picked Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz, who performed capably for the team. Even if Saunders ends up beating out Seitz for the starting role, it's good to have a capable backup should Saunders become injured.

I can't say I blame them for taking Seitz. The goalkeeper situation was a bit unclear when I made my list, but more importantly I gambled too high on a couple players that FCD opted not to have options picked up.

So given all that we know now, I will supply you with a new protection list:

Protected Unprotected Exempt
Tesho Akindele Jair Benitez Kellyn Acosta
Fabian Castillo Walter Cabrera Coy Craft
Mauro Diaz Andres Escobar Danny Garcia
Matt Hedges Raul Fernandez Jesse Gonzalez
Zach Loyd Ryan Hollingshead Moises Hernandez
Dan Kennedy George John Jonathan Top
Michel Stephen Keel Victor Ulloa
Blas Perez Peter Luccin Walker Zimmerman
Chris Seitz Adam Moffat
David Texeira Brian Span
Je-Vaughn Watson Hendry Thomas
Nick Walker

First of all, I opted not to ditch all of the players from this list that didn't have their options picked up as I expect the club to still have to decide whether or not to protect them or not. More than likely all of them will not be protected but they are technically under contract until the end of the calendar year.

So I moved in Seitz and Michel. Seitz is the obvious one in some ways because the club re-signed him and would be silly not to protect him. I know some of you are wondering why on earth I would keep Michel over Span or Hollingshead but the fact is simple, the club needs leadership in the locker room and Michel does provide that. While he may be a turnover machine, there is still a good amount of value there with him that would be tough to replace if he were left unprotected.

With all of this that we've learned, who would you protect in next week's draft?