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Projecting the Draft: Top outside back options in the 2015 SuperDraft

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FC Dallas has some holes in the defense, which of these prospects could be on the depth charts in 2015?

UC Riverside Athletics

Yesterday we began our look at next month's MLS SuperDraft with a look at the top center back options in the draft. Today we will stick with the defensive side of the ball and turn our sights on the best available fullbacks in the draft.

FC Dallas has one late first round pick, which Oscar Pareja and Fernando Clavijo could do well with given the history of their past draft classes. Some players could be a reach at number 19 and some may be out of our range but either way it is worth examining them all for the draft.

(Note: get ready for some bad highlight video background music!)

Otis Earle (UC Riverside) - Earle is the son of Robert Earle, so his pedigree is pretty solid. What I like about Earle is that he is a converted left back that used to play striker when he was younger. He loves to get forward into the attack, something Pareja would definitely be able to work with. He may not push Moises Hernandez right out of the gate for minutes but he would certainly be a good backup to have in place given Mo's red card history.

Oumar Ballo (UMBC) - Ballo helped get UMBC to a very unlikely spot in the Final Four of the College Cup for the first time in the school's history. He is another left back that would be able to push for minutes given his athletic ability. His one-on-one defending ability is also one of the best I've seen out of anyone in college for a fullback.

Andy Thoma (Washington) - Once again, another speedy left back that does well at getting forward. He may actually be one of the fastest players in this draft class.

Saad Abdul-Salaam (Akron) - Finally a right back to discuss here. Abdul-Salaam definitely has the range to do well depending on his Combine. If he can find some consistency in his play, he could certainly make a push for minutes over Je-Vaughn Watson.

Kyler Sullivan (Virginia) - As outside backs go, Sullivan has the leadership potential that you look for in a young player. He was one of the essential elements to the Cavilers winning the College Cup in 2014.

Jordan Murrell (Syracuse) - He was one of the Combine snubs, which should say something but given some of the history with a big snub like Murrell (see Philly's Ray Gaddis for example), it may not be a bad thing. Murrell is another left back prospect that showed a lot of growth over the last two seasons with the Orange. He might be a reach for the first round but I wouldn't be shocked to see teams look at him for a second or third round pick.