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Michel's set piece in Week 10 lands on's top five free kick goals of 2014

New, 2 comments continues on with their top five lists.

Right before Christmas, released their top solo goals of 2014, which saw Fabian Castillo land on top of the five goal list. The FC Dallas winger also clocked in at number five as well on that countdown.

This week, the league's website has released a new top five list from 2014, the top set piece goals of the year.

While Toronto FC's Gilberto came out on top with the best free kick goal, FCD's own Michel saw his Week 10 goal against the San Jose Earthquakes as the second best free kick goal of the year. The goal came in a losing effort back in May when FC Dallas was struggling. Outside of all the PKs that Michel scores this past season, this free kick was arguably his best goal of the year.

FCD was also apart on the wrong end of another goal on the list as Clint Dempsey's strike in Week 6 was third on the list.

In the honorable mention category was Mauro Diaz's goal against Montreal back in the first week of the season.