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History of the 19th Pick in the MLS SuperDraft

So Dallas will likely get Toronto's 19th Pick for Draft Day. What does that mean for the Hoops?

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I'm in the camp that believes the MLS Draft has a ridiculously silly name and therefore, I refuse to call it by it's proper name. So from here on out, the upcoming draft will simply be known as the "MLS Draft". So as Drew and Luetchy pointed out, it appears that trade with Toronto last off season to offload Jackson has been one of the best off season moves from last year. Losing the player was addition by subtraction, monopoly allocation money and now even a first round pick?! Sort of makes up for the Buy High, Sell Low from Kenny Cooper. But onto the MLS Draft and what this potential pick means for Dallas.

Trade Bait

The 19th pick is practically the school yard's version of picking between the last four still out there. If it's pick up soccer, this is your left back and maybe even the guy you shove in goal. They might make a tackle or save or two, but you're really not expecting much out of them other than to be better than a traffic cone.

My guess here is that FC Dallas will use this in a trade with another team to either move up in the Draft or acquire another player. Not sure why, but my gut doesn't think they'll trade it for a 2016 pick. This probably is the best option for Dallas if they can find a willing dance partner because I'm about to pull up a little history on the 19th pick and it doesn't look too pretty.

Role Players

I will go back to the previous 5 MLS Drafts and show you what player was taken with the 19th pick:











The average of this lot was 10 matches in their rookie season. With the exception of Jeb Brovsky (who was a second round pick), everyone else was loaned out the following season. Obviously this isn't to say there can't be a good player to be had at the 19th pick, but the chances of finding someone who will help the team, much less stick around beyond a season is looking pretty slim. But of course, there are some rare exceptions which brings me to:

Notable Players Taken After the 19th Pick

Obviously not all is lost. There have been some pretty good picks coming in the latter stages of the MLS Draft. So here's just a list of notable players who have played significant minutes in the league from the previous five drafts:

2010: Andrew Wiederman, Seth Sinovic, Justin Morrow, Steven Beitashour

2011: Michael Farfan

2012: Ryan Meara, Sebastian Velasquez

2013: Ryan Hollingshead, Kofi Opare

2014: Thomas McNamara

I still think Dallas trades the pick, but should FCD hang on to it and grab someone, don't expect too much from him or for him to stick around the club for too long.