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Hello Numbers: 2014 FC Dallas season stats

Season stats with a little comparison to 2013. Yay numbers.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 season under wraps, I took the mourning period to gather as many stats as I possibly could and put them together for you in a more consumer friendly way. Some are obvious, like most goals, and some are more obscure like most chances created per 90. But I hope you'll find them interesting anyway.

Most Goals
Most Shots
Save %
Goals Per 90
Conversion Rate
Game Winning Goals
Most Chances Created
Chances Per 90
Interceptions per 90
Blocks Per 90

And now for the team stats, compared to last season:

Team Stats
After having pieced this together, I wish I had the time to compare all these stats with the likes of Ben Olsen, Gregg Berhlater and Sigi Schmid against Oscar Pareja. This doesn't even factor in the ability to nurture young talent or consider the amount of players lost to injuries. That all being said, Dallas improved in almost every statistical category under Pareja's command, and I for one am very excited to see what this team will look like with Papi given a full off season to completely rebuild the team to his likeness.

So here's to you FC Dallas fans! Thanks for putting up with me this season and see y'all in 2015!