An open letter to Dan Hunt

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I’m not a "soccer writer". I’m a season ticket holder (who may or may not have pay extra money for the USMNT Gold Cup game?). It’s been a rather troubling week for me as a fan and a big supporter of my club. I’d like to explain a little more of what I’m talking about.

Our biggest rival ponied up a pretty penny and invested in a Mexican national team striker in his early 20s. This wasn’t LA, Seattle, or NYRB signing a big player. It was Houston. Creamsicle orange "Cubo" jerseys will probably be a top five seller in the league in 2015. Their season ticket holder base is going to go up. They didn’t have to dangle a USMNT game and require people to be Dynamo STH to get tickets. They bought an asset that people will want to see. People will buy Dynamo tickets to see the Dynamo whom Cubo is apart of. Does that signing motivate you?

I’m not asking you to buy Chicharito. I appreciate for you to be willing to go after Sacha Kljestan. I’m not asking for us to be Man United or Chelsea, but can we be Swansea?

Now we start the part of the letter that makes me very angry to be honest. I expect our "mid-level" team to be behind when it comes to high-priced DPs. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me as much as it does most fans. I get mad when we lose a Frisco kid to a USL-Pro team due to our inability to be ahead of the curve and let’s be honest sir that is exactly what seems to have happened. Would we have signed Mikey Ambrose if he knew we had a USL affiliate/team? We’ll never know the answer.

Why are we so behind on this? As a team that prides ourselves in creating homegrown talent and nurturing it, I don’t understand your reasoning for not at least having an affiliate long before now. Recent interviews say we will name an affiliate soon while almost half of the teams in MLS are going forward with full USL-Pro teams. Are we too late? Where would Danny Garcia be if he had gotten meaningful minutes last year with an affiliate? Could he have been our Dom Dwyer late season spark that could’ve gotten us further in the playoffs? Would Ryan Hollingshead have been more of a late season contributor if he had went somewhere to get some consistent minutes? Important questions. We’ll never know the answer.

Are we falling behind? I wanna know that our club has ambition. I don’t want to be mid-table forever. I don’t want to be Stoke.

I hope this letter finds you well.


Kenny Price