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Community Post: What is your holiday wish for FC Dallas in 2015?

Our staff is coming up with ideas for 2015, but we take it to you to share your own.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In the coming week or so, we here at Big D Soccer will be releasing out 2015 wish list for FC Dallas. These will be the things that our staff believe we would like to see out of our club in the coming year. They also include things we believe FCD will need in the coming year too.

Some are definite needs like another Designated Player or locking up a Homegrown player or two. Other items are fairly obvious (USL PRO) and have been talked about for ages (stadium improvements).

While we will reveal our list soon enough during the holidays, we wanted to turn to you all, the community to see what items you are hoping for the most in 2015? Nothing is off limits here either and there is a chance we may even include some of the best comments in our staff post as well.

So what are you wanting to see in 2015 out of FC Dallas?