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FC Dallas is going to lose out on Homegrown product Mikey Ambrose

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The former FCD academy defender is set to sign with the USL Austin Aztex.

This time of the year always sends rumors and other commotion that can make your head spin if you let it. This news however may be something that just makes you shake your head.

FC Dallas Academy product Mikey Ambrose is going to forgo his final season at Maryland in 2015. Ambrose posted the following on his Facbeook account earlier in the day.

"This week I had to make the hardest decision of my life and that was deciding to leave Maryland and start my professional career. I am so grateful for everything that the University of Maryland has given me over the last two and a half years. I had to decide between finishing my degree or pursuing my dream. I felt like I could finish my degree later on in life and I should chase my dream at this moment." reported earlier in the day that Ambrose is set to sign with USL PRO side Austin Aztex for their first season in the US third division. Sources for Big D Soccer have also verified the report as talks between Ambrose and FC Dallas broke down recently.

Ambrose has always had European movement in mind for his career. Last offseason he spent time training in Sweden.

This is a blow in some ways to FCD for not being able to land Ambrose but if you look at the near term, part of not having a USL PRO affiliate already on the books (or even better a full reserve team in the USL PRO) may have had something to do with this decision. Ambrose would possibly be further down in the fullback depth order under Oscar Pareja anyways too.