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Holiday Gift Guide: Gear and other essentials

Part two of our holiday gift guide focuses on the kits to wear and the gear to get.

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We're in the week of Christmas now and that only means your shopping days are limited. Yesterday we looked at some books and movies worth checking out and today we're going to wrap things up (no pun intended) with a look at the soccer gear and other essentials needed for the soccer fan in your life.


adidas MiCoach Ball: What more could you want in a soccer ball? It tracks every bit of movement with the miCoach app. Nothing like having a ball that tells you how well you are kicking.

X-Box One w/ FIFA 15: Half of our staff is recommending this combo. Sure it is on the pricy end of the scale but you will be the hit of the holiday season for giving this.

Causal wear

So. Many. Options. Here.

Seriously you can pick between the following stores and go no wrong with any of the shirts available. Bumpy PitchBackheelClean SheetWho are ya designs, and Ultras.


We suggest heading over to Ruffneck Scarves for more soccer scarfs as well. Plenty of great options there.


If the fan in your life is lacking a jersey (or two) in their closet, then this is a sure-fire great gift idea.  FCD Team Storeand World Soccer Shop are great places to start.

Other wishes from our staff:

Recommended by Brian Wachhloz:

Comparing the offering of FCD gear to that offered by European teams and even our heavy rivals in MLS, I feel like FCD can do better with more options and more creative design. I'd love to see some new casual wear.

Recommended by Scott Hiney:

1. A new stadium audio system.
I sit on the East sideline for all games and it's a real bummer to hear the sound from the pre-game video come in and out as the wind blows. It would be nice to have a nice, loud, clear system in place for next season.

2. A continued partnership with Cane's.
This is the best promotion ever. I can't explain how wonderful it is to leave an FCD victory and then taste golden, crispy goodness that can only be achieved through a BOGO box combo deal.

3. A third kit.
It would be nice to have a third kit the team can wear, whether it have a tie to the Burn or Tornados, or simply a different style, maybe featuring a black and red combination.

Recommended by Mo:

Well-known FCD DP signing:
Having gotten the material gift idea out of the way, my next holiday wish is the signing of a well-known (not high-profile) player for FC Dallas. Sacha, Mix, Cubo or even Bedoya would all be great snags for this team. All of the above could help this team. Anybody we have heard of could fit the bill here. One can wish, right?

Back-to-back FCD attendance sellouts:
I've been curious about this one for a while. When was the last time we had back to back capacity crowds at Toyota Stadium? Go ahead, I'm waiting. I'd love to be able to see this team continue to grow and succeed enough that we have back-to-back home matches of 20,000+ in attendance. I don't think we're too far away from that, right?

Recommended by Ben:

Tickets to the Gold Cup opener:
I'd love a pre-game and post-game stop at the Londoner to bracket the huge honor of hosting the opener of la Copa de oro. I'll figure out the logistics of getting to Oklahoma after the tickets arrive.

A time machine or a black hole scenario that returns DMB to his early 20's for the next cycle. So DeMarcus Beasley retired. His exit from the national team should not be underrated. As big a fan as I am of Landon Donovan, DMB was always my favorite for the Yanks. So fast...even more tough; no one took a bigger beating from the CONCACAF goons than Beasley. Despite barely carrying 9 stone, he took a licking and kept on ticking. To me, he was easily the toughest dude to ever play for the USMNT, and he was good for a big goal or a positional change when we needed it.