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Video: Hanging out with Victor Ulloa

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A behind the scenes look at Homegrown star Victor Ulloa. is doing a new series online that follows around MLS players. Up first happened to be our very own Homegrown midfielder from FC Dallas, Victor Ulloa.

The video follows Ulloa in a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a soccer player. It follows him around from playing gold at TopGolf with some teammates (you can hear guys like Jonathan Top in the background) to other places around town that he goes to.

It is a tad crazy to think that Ulloa went to a Dallas Burn game back in the day and saw his future coach Oscar Pareja play for the club. I think watching Oscar play would make any young kid fall in love with the game and Victor was no exception there.

Given how this is episode one, it looks like we may get a little more behind the scenes look at things with Ulloa and FCD!