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2014 Big D Soccer Awards: FC Dallas MVP

The big award of the bunch from our staff.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We've gone through several awards already but today we finish things up with our look at the FC Dallas MVP for 2014.

As some might expect, one player ran away with this award as Matt Hedges earned the majority of our votes in this race.

Ben: Matt Hedges - Very tempting to re-dub this the 'Most Valuable Pareja' award, because how in the *^%@! did this guy not even end up as a finalist for Coach of the Year? Really? Matt Hedges gets my vote. Leadership, strong defense, massive threat on set pieces- he also looked really good with the ball at his feet, helped prolong set piece attacks more than I can count, and marshaled a competent defense in front of rotating goalkeepers and with 5 different partners in central defense. Also, he didn't get hurt. Also, his underrated acting chops helped Tesho Akindele win ROY.

Drew: Matt Hedges - So many good points about Hedges. So little time to write them all up.

Jason: Zach Loyd - Played every field defensive position this year. Didn't look a step out of place where he lined up. With all the injuries Dallas would've been in a lot of trouble without Loyd's versatility.

Jay: Matt Hedges - While we saw changes and moves at almost all positions throughout the roster this season there was one stalwart who was (almost) always there, Matt Hedges. Playing in 32 of the 34 regular season games, plus all three playoff games, Matt Hedges was there to be the vocal leader and lynchpin of the FC Dallas defense. Pareja's decision to make the 24 year old the squad's Captain after the start of the season paid off. In my opinion no one else could come close to Hedges for the honor of team MVP.

Mo: Matt Hedges - The captain carried his team. Without his leadership when things were getting rough with injuries and suspensions, Dallas does not compete this season.

Owen: Fabian Castillo - Matt Hedges gets a look, but Castillo was too good...

Ryan: Matt Hedges - No idea where we'd be without this guy anchoring the back. With the absence of George John all season, Hedges stepped up in a huge way and was our rock in the back. Took the captaincy, and duly deserves this award hands down.

Scott: Matt Hedges - Filled the role that John was supposed to play, and he did it consistently during every game. A shame he didn't get more recognition during the season.

Taylor: Matt Hedges - The captain really stepped up this year, took control of this team and led them through the ups and downs. Some of us questioned Oscar Pareja giving Hedges the captain's armband and boy were we wrong.